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Factors Of Automatic Flameout Of Diesel Generator

Oct. 22, 2021

There are many reasons for the engine stalling of diesel generators. Generally speaking, we can quickly determine the fault location through technical operation conditions such as the speed drop before and after stalling, the change of exhaust color, and can quickly determine the fault. Where it is located, and eliminate the failure of automatic flameout.


1. The speed is unstable, and the diesel engine gradually stalls. If the fuel supply is not timely or the fuel supply is interrupted, the diesel engine stalls slowly, usually due to poor throttling. Its performance is that the diesel engine is running gradually weak, and finally it automatically turns off. The reasons and treatment methods are as follows:


(1) Open the fuel tank cap and check whether the diesel is exhausted. If there is no oil, you can start after refueling.


(2) If the diesel is sufficient, it may be that the ventilation valve of the fuel tank cap is blocked, or the fuel filter or oil separator is blocked, and the intake pipe. Loosen the nozzle or bleed screw of the fuel injection pump or the fuel transfer pump, supply oil with the fuel transfer pump, and observe the oil flow on the fuel pipe or the bleed screw.


(3) If bubbles emerge from the bleed screw, it is the air in the air duct. At this time, check whether the oil pump, oil pipes and all joints are tight, whether there is any cracks or wear through. When the oil pump pipeline from the oil-water separator, the oil-water separator to the fuel injection pump leaks, air permeates, which reduces the vacuum in the pipeline, weakens the fuel attraction in the fuel tank, and causes the diesel engine to fail to start. If the air intake is low, the fuel quantity can be maintained and sent to the fuel injection pump from the fuel delivery pump. At this time, the diesel engine may be difficult to start, or it may self-extinguish during operation after starting. If too much air enters the oil circuit, it will cause several cylinders to cut off the fuel or reduce the fuel injection volume, and the diesel engine cannot start.


(4) If there are no bubbles in the diesel, the oil pump can return to a fixed position, and the starter can drive the diesel engine to pump oil. If there is still no oil flowing out, it means that the oil transfer pump is faulty and the oil transfer pump should be replaced. The diesel engine started again, but the speed of the diesel engine immediately became unstable, indicating that the oil circuit was blocked and the supply of diesel was in short supply. The diesel filter should be maintained, inspected, cleaned, and dredged step by step. In addition, in the northern winter, the oil passage is blocked due to the freezing of water in the fuel, which will also cause the diesel engine to automatically turn off. If the diesel oil used in winter is marked incorrectly, it will automatically extinguish due to excessive fuel precipitation and poor fluidity.


generator set

2. There is no abnormal phenomenon before flameout. In this case, faults such as the fuel cutoff fault of the fuel injection pump and the high-pressure circuit fault of the fuel system frequently occur, the fuel system stops injecting fuel into the cylinder, and the diesel engine suddenly turns off automatically. When encountering this phenomenon, first check the rotation and fuel supply of the fuel injection pump.


(1) The nozzle is broken. Nozzle joints are caused by corrosion of moisture or acidic elements in diesel, damage to the sealing surface of the needle valve, intrusion of combustible gas in the cylinder (matching parts) and formation of carbon deposits, causing the precision parts to jam. At this time, the nozzle stops spraying, so that the diesel engine automatically turns off.


(2) Deterioration of nozzle operation. When the oil gun drips severely, the adjusting spring is broken, the precision parts of the nozzle are worn, and the matching gap increases, the fuel injection pressure will decrease, the diesel atomization will be poor, and the fuel injection time will be prolonged. At this time, diesel engine oil consumption increases, power decreases, and the heavy-duty diesel engine on one side of the locomotive is likely to stall.


(3) The fuel injection pump does not work or its work deteriorates. For example, if the plunger is stuck, the plunger arm is separated from the tie rod, the drain valve or plunger assembly is severely worn, the plunger spring or the delivery valve spring is broken, and the fuel injection pump drive bolt is broken. The fuel injection pump does not work or its work deteriorates, causing the diesel engine to stall.


Once the fuel injection pump throttle control lever is damaged, the connecting pin will fall off, causing the throttle system to malfunction, and then the diesel engine will stall.


The high-pressure tubing is broken. The high-pressure tubing is slender and has extremely high pressure. If the oil pipe is aging and broken or the joint is loose and leaks oil, the oil supply will be interrupted and the diesel engine will stall.


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