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Environmental Protection Measures of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 26, 2020

Now diesel generator sets are widely use for many filed, it is as an important emergency power supply equipment. Before we use open type diesel generator, we should consider the environmental protection measures to reduce pollution to the environment.


When open type diesel generators running, there are exhaust gas black smoke and sulfur dioxide. Once starting, the noise level in the machine room is still 98dB, even more. If we ignore it, the high decibel noise and black smoke will pollute the surrounding environment.

1.According to the requirements of the environmental protection department, environmental protection measures shall be carried out for diesel generating set, mainly including the following projects:

(1) Remove black smoke, reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from diesel generator exhaust gas.

(2) Conduct comprehensive management of sound insulation, absorption, noise reduction and vibration reduction for the machine room.

(3) The air inlet, air exhaust and smoke exhaust system of the diesel generator shall be silenced.

 generator in machine room

2.The production of noise pollution:

(1) Air flow noise

The air flow noise is mainly concentrated in the air inlet and outlet of the generator room and the exhaust pipe of the generator. The air flow noise is generated by the unsteady flow of the gas, that is, the pulsation of the air flow, the interaction between the air flow and the gas, and the interaction between the gas and the object.

(2) Mechanical noise

(3) The mechanical noise here is generated by the vibration caused by the rotation and imbalance of the parts and components of the diesel generator, as well as the impact of the expansion gas in the diesel generator on the cylinder, and the friction between the mechanical parts and bearings.

(4) Electromagnetic noise

The electromagnetic noise is generated by the action of alternating magnetic field on stator and rotor, which is periodic alternating force. When the generator is running, the electric field and the magnetic field can convert each other to produce electromagnetic noise.

(5) Noise diffraction

Because the generator room is not closed tightly, part of the sound is leaked.

(6)Noise stack.

All kinds of noise are reflected and superposed repeatedly in the generator room, resulting in higher and comprehensive noise.


3. Pollution measures of diesel generator set

When the generator set is working, the exhaust gas in the cylinder is periodically injected into the exhaust pipe along with the intermittent opening and closing of the exhaust port, resulting in periodic exhaust noise, gas vortex noise, pipe vibration noise, etc. The intensity of exhaust noise is related to the power, speed and gas pressure of the generator, and changes with the speed and load of the diesel engine. The effective way to control diesel engine exhaust noise is to install appropriate muffler. The muffler must have enough noise reduction capacity, less power loss, high temperature resistance of material and structure, impact resistance, not afraid of oil pollution, firm and durable.


According to the nature of generator noise, the technical scheme of combining sound insulation and noise elimination is proposed. One is sound insulation. Seal the air vent and inlet and outlet of the generator to isolate and spread outwards. The second is silencing. The air exchange channel between the generator room and the external environment and the air flow at the exhaust port shall be silenced, and the noise shall be attenuated before being discharged out of the room. Its principle is: when the noise wave of the unit is incident into the porous and breathable ultra-fine glass wool, the sound wave will enter the material and cause the air and fiber in the material gap to vibrate due to friction and viscosity resistance and fiber.

(1) Vibration: the generator set shall be equipped with damping device as required; the single amplitude of vibration during operation shall not be greater than 0.3mm or 0.5mm.

(2) Noise: the allowable noise value of the generator set shall meet the requirements.

(3) Radio interference: for the generator set with radio interference suppression requirements, there shall be measures to suppress radio interference, and the interference value shall not be greater than the specified value. Frequency: 0.15-30.00mhz; terminal interference voltage: 3000-400 μ V; interference field strength: 100-50 μ V / M.

(4) Concentration of harmful substances: if required, the allowable concentration of harmful substances discharged by the generator shall be in accordance with the provisions of the product technical conditions.


If you think it is difficult to do the environmental protection measures. When you purchasing diesel generator, you can choose soundproof generators. In generally, its noise level is 75dB at 7 meters. And it can use for outdoor, rainproof and suitable for all weather. We just need to connect load wires, mains power wire and signal wire, the genset will work normally. More easy to operation. Soundproof generators produced by Starlight Power factory can be made into prime 20kw-3000kw, select any power to meet your requirement.

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