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Engine Related Technologies Of Diesel Generator Set (III)

Aug. 14, 2023

1. DC starting system and charging system shall meet the following requirements:


① The generator set must be equipped with an engine starting motor, which is operated by 12V or 24V DC (usually equipped with valve regulated lead-acid battery set), can be started manually or automatically, and is attached with a cut-off switch.


② The engine starting control equipment must be able to cut off the battery charger for power supply to avoid overload during starting.


③ The starting motor must have sufficient power and be non retention type. Before the starting motor is fully energized for operation, the axial movement of its pinion gear engages with the big gear on the engine flywheel. When the engine starts successfully or the motor is not powered on, the pinion must be released.


④ The starting equipment is equipped with a starting failure device that can automatically disconnect the starting motor. When the engine cannot be started within a predetermined time, such as 15s, it can automatically disconnect to avoid over discharge of the battery pack. If the start fails within 15s, restart the engine after 5~60s. The engine can be started for 3 times in total without reaching the level of battery damage specified by the manufacturer. After that, the starting motor is disconnected by the starting failure device and an audible and visual alarm signal is sent. The automatic system shall not start the engine again until the failed start device is reset manually.


⑤ A set of batteries with sufficient ampere hour capacity and discharge rate shall be equipped. 12V or 24V maintenance free lead-acid battery pack for DC engine starting shall be installed near the engine base or in a special battery rack or cabinet.


⑥ The battery charger must be constant voltage type, with DC voltage and galvanometer, shock wave suppressor, controller, float charge and fast recharge selector, battery discharge indication, overcharge protection and indication, charger fault alarm signal device. All controllers and inductors must be connected to the unit control panel.


Cummins Perkins volvo power generator set

2. Low temperature starting performance: In order to enhance the low temperature starting performance of the unit, high quality (made of high-quality stainless steel machining surface) engine water jacket heater shall be configured, and the water temperature in the engine water jacket must be kept at about 25 ℃, or according to the manufacturer's recommendations, to ensure easy starting when required. The heater shall be manually/automatically controlled by the thermostat. Usually, it is automatic control, and manual control during maintenance. When the engine is put into operation, it should be disconnected.


3. Electronic monitoring and management system: The electronic monitoring and management system requires the use of a computer control system to achieve full digital electronic monitoring and management, ensuring high engine control accuracy and good transient characteristics. It can realize the characteristics of rapid response, short recovery time, small overshoot, and short oscillation time under startup and sudden load changes.


4. Emission standard: The exhaust emission of the generator set shall comply with the relevant requirements of GB 20891-2014 Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines for Non road Mobile Machinery (China's Third and Fourth Stages).


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