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Emulsifier Commonly Used by Cummins Diesel Generator

Jul. 25, 2023

All parts of Cummins diesel generator in contact with various oils shall be cleaned after disassembly and shall not react with strong alkali, such as mineral oil, lubricating oil, Vaseline and paraffin. They are insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents, and these oils are mainly removed through chemical and electrochemical methods. Organic solvent degreasing is based on dissolving dirt, which does not damage metals and can dissolve various oils without heating. It is convenient to use and has good cleaning effect.

Cummins diesel generator

Most organic solvents are flammable and expensive, and are mainly suitable for small Cummins diesel generator and decentralized maintenance work. Alkaline solvents are alkaline or alkaline salt aqueous solutions, which use the alkaline solution and saponified oil on the surface of parts for chemical reaction to generate water soluble soap and glycerol that is not easy to float on the surface of parts. Then wash with hot water, which is easy to remove oil. If unsaponifiable oil and saponified oil are difficult to remove, emulsifier should be added to the cleaning solution to separate the emulsified oil stain from the surface of Cummins diesel generator parts.

Commonly used emulsifiers include soap, water glass, chewing gum, etc. Different cleaning fluids should be used to clean parts made of different materials. Alkaline solutions have different corrosive effects on metals, especially aluminum. Due to its surface active substances reducing interfacial tension, resulting in wetting, infiltration, emulsification, and dispersion, it has strong decontamination ability, non-toxic, non corrosive, non flammable, non explosive, non polluting, strong rust resistance, and low cost. In general, due to the high fat solubility of gasoline, it is not suitable for use, which can harm human health and easily cause fires.

Place the prepared solution and cleaned parts in a suitable sized cleaning pool welded to the steel plate. A heating furnace is installed at the bottom of the pool and heated to 80-90 ℃ for boiling. Spray cleaning fluid of certain pressure and temperature on the surface of Cummins diesel generator parts to remove oil stains. This method has good cleaning effect and high efficiency, but the equipment is complex. It is suitable for cleaning parts of Cummins diesel generator with uncomplicated shape and serious surface oil stain. Vibration cleaning is to place the parts of Cummins diesel generator to be cleaned on the cleaning basket or rack of the vibration cleaning machine, immerse them in the cleaning solution, simulate the manual cleaning effect of the vibration of the cleaning machine, and cooperate with the chemical action of the cleaning solution to remove the oil stain of Cummins diesel generator.

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