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Eight maintenance points of diesel generator injectors

Sep. 14, 2021

The main points of maintenance of diesel generator injector nozzles include improving the installation position of the fuel injection pad, regularly inspecting and calibrating the nozzle, regularly inspecting and calibrating the front angle of the fuel injection pump, regularly replacing the oil filter, and regularly maintaining, carefully cleaning and removing the needle valve. Connect the head, ensure that the diameter of the nozzle hole of the fuel injector conforms to the technological process, etc. This article introduces the eight maintenance points of diesel generator fuel injectors by Starlight Power.


1.Improve the installation position of the fuel injection pad. After the shaft and hole injectors extend into the combustion chamber, most of the injectors are in direct contact with the mixed gas, and are baked under the high temperature and high pressure mixed gas, which is the main reason for the wear of the injector needle valve guide. For pin injectors, in order to prevent the entire injector from being baked by the mixed gas, a pure copper gasket of appropriate thickness can be added to the injector head. Hole injectors can add V-shaped gaskets. The design of V-shaped gaskets should be as large as possible to make the design of the injector as large as possible to facilitate installation when the injector is removed.


2. Regular inspection and calibration of nozzles. The nozzle should be checked and calibrated every 1000 hours or so. If the operating pressure is much lower than the standard value, it is advisable to remove the needle valve, pour clean diesel oil, peel off the carbon deposit with wood or copper chips, peel off the carbon deposit with fine iron wire, and then debug after installation. On the same diesel engine, the oil pressure difference of each cylinder must be less than 1.0 MPa.


3. Periodically inspect and calibrate the front angle of the fuel injection pump. It is necessary to regularly check and adjust the size of the front angle of the fuel injection pump, and the diesel fuel sucked into the cylinder by the nozzle is fused and balanced, and the combustion is carried out effectively. If the fuel supply time is too early, it will be difficult for the diesel engine to start, causing problems such as knocking and increased vibration. If the fuel supply time is too late, it will cause black smoke from the exhaust pipe, excessive engine temperature, and increased fuel consumption.


diesel engine

4. Regularly replace the oil filter and maintain it regularly. Mainly because of the high precision of the needle valve assembly and the small diameter of the injector, the designated brand of clean diesel must be selected strictly according to the seasonal changes, and the diesel filter must be maintained regularly. Frequently drain the precipitated oil in the filter and the oil tank to avoid the intrusion of dust and impurities and accelerate the wear of the needle valve assembly.


5.Carefully clean and remove the needle valve connector. When changing the needle valve assembly, the needle valve assembly should be immersed in hot diesel oil at 70~80℃ for about 10 minutes, and then pumped back and forth in the clean and thorough diesel oil for effective cleaning and thoroughness. Using this method can reasonably avoid the malfunction of the sticky needle valve caused by the ablation of the anti-rust oil during the operation of the injector. In addition, when cleaning the needle valve assembly, it must not collide with other hard objects to avoid damage to the needle valve guide surface.


6.Avoid jamming the needle valve. When the high-pressure oil pipe joint is loosened, if you see a large number of small bubbles or oil bubbles, it reflects that the needle valve is stuck in the activated state, so that the compressed mixed gas formed by the cylinder compression flows back into the high-pressure oil . At this time, if you touch the high-pressure fuel pipe with your hands, you will not be able to feel the pulsation or weak pulsation of diesel. When the needle valve is stuck, it is mainly because there are particles in the oil and residual iron foam in the injector, and the cylinder injector will not operate. At this time, the needle valve connector should be cleaned and assembled again.


7.Make sure that the diameter of the nozzle hole of the injector conforms to the process flow. When the injection pressure of the fuel injector is not enough to expand the nozzle, a steel ball with a diameter of 4-5 mm can be placed on the nozzle and hit with a small hammer to cause the nozzle to locally deform and reduce the aperture. For the multi-hole direct-injection injector, the main reason is that the number of holes is large and the hole diameter is small, so you can only tap on the hole end with a special punch. If the gross weight does not meet the process flow, the needle valve assembly should be disassembled.


8. Avoid long-term overload operation of diesel generators. In this way, overheating of the body can prevent the needle valve of the fuel injector from jamming. After the diesel generator is sealed for a long time, the fuel injection should be removed and immersed in clean and thorough diesel to avoid corrosion of the needle valve and cannot be used flexibly.


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