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Effectively Reduce Exhaust Noise of Volvo Diesel Generator

Jul. 24, 2023

With the development of economic construction and the progress of equipment technology, Volvo diesel generator has become a common or necessary mobile energy device for various temporary construction sites and location shooting in the film and television industry, providing convenient power supply for the work site. However, it is also an environmental pollution source with prominent noise impact of Volvo diesel generator. No matter from the requirements of sound environment protection or on-site recording effect in the film and television industry, it is necessary to effectively reduce the noise of Volvo diesel generator.

Volvo generator

Because Volvo diesel generator is limited by volume, weight, thermal performance and modification process, it is very difficult to control the noise of the whole vehicle. Under the premise of ensuring that the appearance and operation of the Volvo diesel generator meet the specifications of the traffic management department, and that the use, maintenance and thermal performance meet the requirements of the normal Volvo diesel generator power generation process, the noise of the whole vehicle of the Volvo diesel generator is effectively controlled, and the compact, efficient and lightweight noise reduction structure of the whole vehicle is realized.

When the compressed combustible finger gas in the combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine cylinder of Volvo diesel generator deflagrates, it not only emits a lot of heat energy and kinetic energy, but also generates high intensity combustion noise. In order to effectively reduce the exhaust noise of the diesel generator, which is the most prominent sound source of the whole vehicle, and make full use of the limited space in the vehicle, two exhaust silencers are redesigned on the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator, and then connected in series with the second exhaust silencer below the exhaust silencer, so that the exhaust noise of the diesel generator meets the matching design requirements of the whole vehicle noise reduction.

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