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Easily Overlooked Issues in Generator Set Maintenance

Aug. 03, 2021

A series of maintenance work must be done after the generator set is sold and used, the maintenance of the generator set is to ensure the normal and trouble-free operation of the generator set. But, our maintenance workers tend to ignore some seemingly unimportant tasks in actual work, which also affects the normal operation of the unit all the time. Below, the details of the starlight power generation equipment that are usually overlooked are listed below, for the user's reference during maintenance!

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1. Only know to clean the air filter of the generator set and ignore the short circuit of the intake air. After cleaning the air filter, some users lose the internal rubber gasket, or the air inlet pipe joint is not equipped with a gasket, the hose is not equipped with a clamp at both ends, and the hose is broken, etc., which will cause air short circuit and cause unfiltered air to enter the machine. , Aggravated the wear of compression system components.

2. Only adjust the valve clearance and ignore the valve timing. When most users adjust the valve clearance, they only adjust according to the value specified in the manual, and neglect to check the timing of the gas distribution phase, especially for aging generator sets. The geometric shape changes after the cam wears, causing the valve to open late and close early, resulting in insufficient intake, poor exhaust, increased fuel consumption, and decreased power. Therefore, when adjusting the valve clearance of the aging machine, the valve clearance value should be appropriately reduced to compensate for the error of the valve phase and realize the valve timing.

3. Only look at the amount of oil in the sump of the unit, ignoring its quality. The replenishment of oil depends on the quality, and the oil must be changed regularly. Engine oil that has been used for a long time contains a large amount of oxidizing substances and metal chips, which deteriorates lubrication performance and aggravates the wear of parts. For this reason, check the oil quality at any time.

4. Only pay attention to the quality of the plunger and fuel injector, and ignore the technical status of the delivery valve. After the oil outlet valve is worn, the remaining pressure of the high-pressure oil pipe may be too high, the oil injection nozzle will drip oil, the engine will knock the cylinder at high speed, and the low speed will be unstable.   Therefore, if there is no detector when checking and adjusting the fuel injection quality, the local method can be used, that is, the high-pressure fuel pipe port is facing the sky, the diesel oil is pumped out, so that the diesel fuel is flush with the pipe port, quickly reverse the flywheel for about half a circle, and observe that the diesel fuel does not drop as qualified.

5. Only pay attention to the quality of the valve and valve seat, and ignore the quality of the valve spring. When the valve leaks, the operator only replaces the valve and valve seat, and rarely checks the spring force. In fact, after the elastic force is weakened, the valve closes slowly, and the valve and seat pressure are not close and the air leaks, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure and deterioration of the working condition of the generator set.

6. Only clean the oil filter element and ignore the cleaning of the purifying oil chamber. The connecting rod journals of generator sets are often hollow with oil plugs at both ends, which are called clean chambers. Under the action of centrifugal force, the oil for lubricating the connecting rod bushes has impurities attached to the cavity wall, thereby improving the quality of lubrication. Generally, the oil plug must be removed every 500 hours of operation (during overhaul) to clean the impurities in the purification chamber and oil passage.

7. Only remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and neglect to clean the exhaust pipe. Some users do not remove the coke deposits in the exhaust pipe and muffler, and the coke deposits are thicker, which reduces the cross-sectional area of the exhaust duct, obstructs the exhaust, and exhausts the exhaust gas. Insufficient intake of new air leads to deterioration of combustion. The generator set is overheated.

The above is that the sales department of Starlight power generation equipment lists some of the negligences that users often have in maintenance. Maintenance is to adjust the abnormal conditions of the generator set and restore the generator set to a good state of use. Improper repair and maintenance operations may actually aggravate the generator set. This is contrary to the user’s starting point. Therefore, Starlight Power Generation Equipment hopes that everyone can master the correct maintenance methods to ensure the healthy operation of the generator set without potential failures. If you want get more information, welcome send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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