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Drying Treatment Method Of Diesel Generator Set After Damp

Aug. 31, 2023

Since January this year, the southern region has suffered from continuous rainy weather. Improper handling of diesel generator sets during use is prone to moisture problems, especially the damping of the motors of the generator sets, which has a great impact on the life and work of the generator sets. At this time, the user must dry the damp diesel generator set. For the relevant drying method, the user can refer to the following methods:


1. Short-circuit the three-phase outlet of the stator winding and connect it firmly.


2. Adjust the resistance of the voltage regulating rheostat in the excitation circuit to the maximum value. If the resistance value is not enough, add another resistance to increase the resistance value.


3. Start the generator set, slowly increase it to the rated speed, and then slowly adjust the excitation current. The excitation current is determined according to the damp condition of the generator set, and the short-circuit current of the stator winding should not exceed the rated current.


4. Improve the ventilation conditions of the unit, preferably equipped with good ventilation equipment. In cold seasons, heating equipment should also be prepared to ensure that the outside temperature is not lower than 5 °C, and attention should be paid to the waterproofing of diesel generator sets.


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5. When measuring the insulation resistance of the semiconductor excitation generator set, the excitation device should be disconnected, or all silicon rectifier components should be short-circuited to prevent breakdown during measurement.


Diesel generator sets tend to reduce the insulation resistance after absorbing moisture, which greatly reduces the electrical strength. If the load is started directly at this time, winding breakdown and short-circuit accidents are likely to occur. Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. warm reminder: Users should pay close attention to the condition of the diesel generator set when using it. Once the generator set is found to be seriously damp, it should be dealt with immediately. If the generator set is seriously damp, it is necessary to contact professionals for on-site maintenance.


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