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Dry-loaded Battery and Maintenance-free Battery of Generator Set

Feb. 23, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the dry load battery and maintenance-free battery of generator set.

Before using the dry-loaded battery, the customer should purchase the standard battery electrolyte. Unscrew the filler on the top of the battery cell, and slowly fill the electrolyte until it is at the upper scale of the internal plate (not more than). Please do not use it immediately after adding it. Let the battery stand for about 30~60 minutes. At low ambient temperature, the standing time needs to be extended. For details, see the battery instructions.

generator supply

Before using the maintenance-free battery, please measure the battery terminal voltage. The voltage above 12.6V can be used directly; Or observe the state of charge indicator on the battery. For the state of charge display, refer to the relevant marks on the battery. If the voltage is low or the state of charge indication is insufficient, please charge before use. The maintenance-free battery does not need to add water during use. The storage capacity of the starting battery will determine whether the generator set can start smoothly within the specified time.

The customer can use the battery connection wire provided with the generator set to connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the generator set and correctly connect to the generator set starting motor terminal. For the generator set equipped with two batteries, connect the two batteries in series and then connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply to the generator set. For the generator set equipped with four starting batteries, connect the two batteries in series and then supply power to the two starters in parallel. The voltage after parallel connection is DC24V. Generally, the starting system of the generator set is the negative "grounding", but there are exceptions. Please refer to the operating instructions of the generator set or the attached electrical wiring diagram of the generator set in detail.

Make sure that the positive and negative poles of the battery are connected correctly. Connect the positive pole first and then the negative pole. Once connected reversely, it may cause a fault. When it is necessary to remove the battery wiring, first remove the negative pole, and then remove the positive pole. When the generator set is put into operation, the battery connecting line must not be disconnected! When the generator set is in operation, its own charging generator is responsible for continuously charging the battery. After the generator unit is shut down, the utility power will charge the battery through the float charger to keep the battery power sufficient to ensure that the generator unit will start automatically after the utility power fails.

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