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Do You Know Why The Radiator Of The Diesel Generator Is Overflowing

Sep. 10, 2021

In the use of water-cooled diesel generators, radiator overflow failures often occur. The main reasons are as follows.


(1) The cylinder head gasket is aging and damaged.

When the cylinder head gasket has a mild wound near the combustion chamber of the engine, the outflow situation is not as obvious as when the cylinder head gasket is pushed. At the same time, after the cylinder head gasket is pushed, not only does the radiator flow out, but the oil deteriorates due to water seepage, which is helpful for judgment. After the cylinder head gasket is slightly damaged, only when the cylinder is working will it produce a strong explosive force, causing high-pressure gas to penetrate into the waterway. The negative pressure generated during the air intake process is not enough to suck water from the water channel into the cylinder, and at this time, only the radiator overflows without obvious deterioration.


(2) The seal sleeve of the injector is not tightly sealed or cracked.

There is a waterproof jacket between the fuel injector and the cylinder head. The waterproof casing is connected to the water channel, and the rubber sealing ring is operated for sealing. After a period of operation, the main reason is that the cylinder head is oxidized, a small gap is formed at the connection between the water jacket and the cylinder head, or the rubber is oxidized to cause abnormal sealing. The mixed gas in the combustion chamber uses tiny gaps to penetrate into the channel, which easily causes the water in the radiator to flow out.


(3) The temperature regulator is malfunctioning.

Coolant can be divided into large circulation and small circulation. At the initial stage of diesel engine startup, when the coolant temperature is lower than 90°C, the thermostat is closed. When the set temperature is exceeded, the thermostat opens, and the water circuit passes through two water cycles. In other words, depending on the temperature, the flow rate of the temperature regulator is also different. Due to long-term use, after the two thermostats are rusted, the large circulating water circuit is completely opened. In addition, according to the small circulation reciprocating water circuit section is small, the resistance of the water flow is large, most of the water relies on the large circulating water circuit (after refueling, this situation becomes more obvious), causing water to flow out of the radiator. This phenomenon is rare in domestic machines, and in summer, in order to prevent the machine temperature from becoming too high, the domestic machines sometimes manually remove the thermostat, and the radiator will not overflow at this time.


diesel generator

(4)There is a crack in the pump cylinder head.

When the pump is working, if there is a dark injury or a small crack, the compressed air enters the waterway through the crack, and then overflows from the radiator, when the accelerator increases sharply, this phenomenon is more obvious, giving the illusion that the radiator is boiling.


(5) The oil cooler failed.

The oil pressure in the oil cooler exceeds the water pressure. The oil cooler may have two kinds of failures: 1. The radiator core has cracks or trachoma. 2. The rubber sealing ring of the radiator core and the oil circuit interface of the cylinder is not tightly sealed. Therefore, when the oil enters the water, the excessive oil enters the water and overflows from the radiator (this situation is easier to judge, because the organic oil overflows from the radiator with water, the oil will only decrease and will not deteriorate).


(6) Excessive dirt on the radiator.

The upper and lower water chambers of the radiator are connected by several water distribution pipes. If you use it carelessly, there will be a lot of dirt accumulated in the radiator, which will easily cause the water distribution pipe to be blocked. When the engine is high-speed, the water will flow into the small circulation after the pump, and part of it will flow into the radiator to supply water. However, due to the poor water distribution pipe, water overflowed from the upper water chamber. At this time, when used to touch the radiator alone, a significant temperature difference will be found. When discharging, only need to disassemble the radiator and dredge the sewer pipe, or add vinegar to the radiator and change the water after running the engine for 5 minutes. After several cycles, the radiator can basically be cleaned. This method is convenient and low cost.


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