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Do You know The Several Common Maintenance Problems of Perkins Generator Set?

Jul. 21, 2021

Enterprise production and operation, the overhaul of Perkins generator sets is an important link to ensure the safe operation of production activities, and an effective means to maintain the performance of production preparations, prevent failures, and ensure the normal operation of production activities. There are many technical problems in the maintenance of Perkins generator sets. If they are not handled properly, it will lead to poor maintenance quality of Perkins generator sets, poor equipment reliability, and even major equipment accidents. In the maintenance of Perkins generator set, it is often impossible to correctly judge and analyze the fault, and blindly disassemble and assemble. In the absence of test equipment, combined with the structure and working principle of the equipment, the traditional fault judgment methods and methods such as "asking, seeing, checking, and testing" are used to determine the most likely fault location.

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Due to some maintenance personnel are not clear about the mechanical structure and principles of Perkins generator sets, they did not carefully analyze the cause of the failure, and were unable to accurately determine the fault location. They blindly dismantled the equipment with the idea of "approximate and similar". Therefore, not only the original faults were not eliminated, but also new problems appeared due to the backward maintenance technology and craftsmanship of Perkins generator sets. When judging equipment failures, the phenomenon of blind "replacement and repair" exists to varying degrees. Some Perkins generator set maintenance personnel always use the method of replacement test, whether it is a large part or a small part, as long as it is considered that the part may cause a failure, a replacement test is carried out. As a result, not only the fault was not eliminated, but also the parts that should not be replaced were replaced at will, which increased the maintenance cost. Some faulty parts of Perkins generator set can be repaired to restore its technical performance, such as generators, air compressors, blowers, burners, etc. Gear oil pump, etc.

In the maintenance, we must carefully analyze and judge the cause and location of the failure according to the failure phenomenon, and use the maintenance method to restore the technical performance of the repairable parts to prevent blind replacement of parts. There are many inadvertent phenomena in the detection of the matching clearance of spare parts. In the maintenance of common Perkins generator sets, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder liner of the Perkins generator set, the "three clearances" of the piston ring, the piston crown clearance, the valve clearance, the plunger clearance, the brake shoe clearance, the master and the driven There are strict requirements for the meshing clearance of parts, such as gears, bearing axial and radial clearance, valve stem and valve guide fitting clearance, etc. During the maintenance of the Perkins generator set, it is necessary to measure and adjust or replace the parts that do not meet the clearance requirements. In actual maintenance work, the phenomenon of blindly assembling parts without measuring the fit gap is very common, leading to early wear or ablation of Perkins generator set bearings, Perkins diesel generator set burning oil, starting or deflagration difficulty, piston ring fracture, Parts shock, oil and gas leakage age. Sometimes, due to improper clearance of Perkins generator set components, serious mechanical damage accidents may occur.

In the equipment assembly process, the reverse assembly of parts occurs from time to time. When repairing the equipment, some parts have strict orientation requirements. Only the correct installation can ensure the normal operation of the parts. The external characteristics of some parts are not obvious, and both positive and negative can be installed. In actual work, reverse loading often occurs, resulting in early damage to Perkins generator set parts, mechanical failure, equipment damage accidents, etc., such as Perkins generator set cylinder liner , Unequal-space valve springs, engine pistons, piston rings, fan blades, gear oil pump side plates, skeleton oil seals, thrust washers, thrust bearings, thrust washers, oil baffle rings, fuel injection pump plungers, clutch friction disc hubs, The structure of transmission universal joints and other components are not known at the time of installation. The installation precautions are the easiest to install and prevent. Abnormal work after assembly, resulting in equipment failure. In order to make the Perkins generator set "sturdy", the fuel supply of the Perkins generator set fuel injection pump and the fuel injection pressure of the fuel injector were artificially increased. These irregular maintenance methods can only be used in emergency situations, but not for long-term use. The cause of the failure must be found fundamentally, and the Perkins diesel generator set adopts regular maintenance methods to eliminate the failure, which has attracted the attention of maintenance personnel.

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