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Do You Know The Components Of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 14, 2023

Diesel generator set is a kind of internal combustion generator set, which is mainly composed of diesel engine, (AC synchronous) generator and control system. It also includes coupling, common base and muffler.


Generally, complete sets of units are produced by using a common base to install the diesel engine, AC synchronous generator, control system and other major components together as a whole, that is, an integrated diesel generator set. For high-power units, the control box (panel), fuel tank, water tank and other equipment of the control system shall be designed separately for ease of movement and installation, except that the diesel engine and generator device are on a common base welded by section steel.


The flywheel housing of the diesel engine is directly connected with the front cover of the generator by shoulder positioning in the axial direction, and the cylindrical elastic coupling is used to directly drive the generator to rotate by the flywheel. This connection mode is fixed together by screws, so that the two can be connected as a whole, and the concentricity of the crankshaft of the diesel engine and the rotor of the generator can be ensured within the specified range.


Weichai power generator set

In order to reduce noise, the unit generally needs to be installed with a special muffler, and under special circumstances, the unit needs to be fully shielded. In order to reduce the vibration of the unit, shock absorbers or rubber shock pads are usually installed at the connection between the main components such as diesel engine, generator, control box and water tank and the common base. Some control boxes also adopt secondary vibration reduction measures.


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