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Do You Know How To Check And Measure Diesel Generator Cylinders

Aug. 31, 2023

The appearance of the diesel generator set can be checked for cylinder pull, cracks, acupoint corrosion and rust spots by scrubbing the diesel generator cylinder liner. The purpose of measuring cylinders for diesel generator sets is to accurately measure the roundness and conicity (also known as roundness and cylindricality) of the cylinder to determine the degree of wear and tear of the cylinder to determine whether it can continue to be used, if maintenance is required, please confirm maintenance scope and level.


The key steps to accurately measure diesel generator cylinders are as follows:


1. The method to determine the original size of the cylinder is to consult the data record or accurately measure the cylinder table, and combine it with the outer diameter of the micrometer for accurate measurement. If the original size can be obtained by accurate measurement, you need to accurately measure the upper edge of the cylinder (that is, the upper end of the first piston ring when the piston is at TDC) or the bottom of the cylinder liner to correctly obtain the diameter of the original cylinder. Because these two parts are usually not worn, they can represent the original diameter of the cylinder to a certain extent.


2. The measurement method ensures the accuracy of the measurement method, and the general measurement method has three parts.


The first part: the upper part of the cylinder, that is, the position where the cylinder wears the most. When the piston is at top dead center, the first piston ring corresponds to the small underside (about 5-lomm), about 20mm from the top edge. The second part: the middle of the cylinder, that is, when the piston is at top dead center, the first oil The ring is about 40-60mm near the top edge. The third part: when the piston is at the bottom dead center, the second oil ring is about 20-40mm near the bottom of the cylinder.


The measurement method is: in the above three parts, the measurement method size difference between the front and rear (perpendicular to the crankshaft centerline), left and right (parallel to the crankshaft towel centerline), and the two directions is the cylinder roundness, but the final measurement method is based on the cylinder roundness. The three maximum values are cylinder roundness.


Cylinder wear amount = maximum diameter - standard size (original cylinder size).


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3. Measuring the taper of the cylinder is before and after the above three measurement methods, the left and right values of the cylinder diameter, and the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the upper and lower parts is the taper of the cylinder. Since the cylinder is the core component of the internal combustion engine, its wear amount, roundness loss and conicity determine the main basis for the maintenance category of the internal combustion engine. When the wear amount, roundness loss and conicity exceed a certain range, it will seriously affect the working performance of the internal combustion engine.


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