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Disassembly Method For Diesel Generator Rolling Bearing Maintenance

Apr. 29, 2022

The disassembly of the rolling bearing of the diesel generator is one of the important disassembly contents in the maintenance of the generator set. The disassembly must follow the basic rules of bearing disassembly and assembly, and different disassembly tools and disassembly methods must be used for different bearings. When the bearing is tightly fitted with the shaft and loosely fitted with the seat hole, the bearing and the shaft can be removed from the housing together, and then the bearing can be removed from the shaft with a press or other dismantling tools.


1. Disassemble with a special puller.

The feet of the puller should be placed on the inner sleeve of the bearing, not on the outer sleeve of the bearing, otherwise the bearing will be damaged. The apex of the screw rod of the drawing tool should be aligned with the center of the shaft, the lever of the drawing tool should be kept parallel, and should not be skewed (if the skew is found, it should be corrected in time), the handle should be evenly applied, and the rotation should be slow.


2. Disassemble with metal rod.

If there is no puller or puller is not suitable, you can put the metal rod on the inner sleeve of the bearing, hit the metal rod with a hammer, and knock out the bearing slowly. The bearing is knocked out. When beating, make the circle of the inner ferrule evenly stressed. You can tap on opposite sides in turn, don't hit one side, and don't use too much force.


diesel generator

3. Disassemble on the cylinder.

Put two iron plates on the inner sleeve of the bearing, the iron plate rests on a cylinder (the inner diameter of the cylinder is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the rotor), and a piece of lead or copper is placed on the end face of the shaft, and use a hand hammer beat (It is not allowed to hit the end face of the shaft directly with a hammer, otherwise the shaft will be bent). When tapping, the focus point should be aligned with the center of the shaft, and the force should not be skewed or too strong. Put something soft in the cylinder to prevent the rotor and shaft from falling off when the bearing is taken off.


4. Disassemble by heating method.

Heat the bearing inner ring to expand and loosen it. Before heating, wrap the shaft with a damp cloth to prevent the heat from dissipating. The oil is heated to 100 ℃, poured on the inner sleeve of the bearing, and disassembled while hot.


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