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Disassembly And Inspection Of Diesel Generator Fuel Injection Pump

Jun. 17, 2022

In addition to the general tools, special tools should be used to keep the workplace, workbench, tools, and components clean and hygienic for the disassembly and assembly of the fuel injection pump and governor of diesel generators. After the diesel generator fuel injection pump and governor are removed, all parts must be cleaned and inspected. This article follows the editor of Starlight to learn how to disassemble and inspect the fuel injection pump and governor of diesel generators.


How to disassemble the fuel injection pump and governor of diesel generator?


Decomposition of fuel injection pump components: first remove the fastening splint lead seal, and remove the delivery valve fasteners and the delivery valve spring in order. When removing the oil valve assembly, because the nylon gasket of the oil outlet valve is stuck in the pump body with deformation, it must be disassembled with special tools. Then, use the knob to pry up the plunger spring, and the lower spring seat can be taken out. Loosen the positioning screw of the plunger sleeve, and use a thin iron bar to push the plunger out from the top. Together with the blocking sleeve, the column-cold coupler can be pulled out from the top. Piston valve pair and oil outlet valve joints should not be in contact with burrs, nor can they be disassembled and exchanged. They must be placed in pairs in clean diesel.


If only the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is removed, put the speed control plate in the speed control screw and nut first, and set the roller assembly to peel off the contact with the camshaft, and then pull out the camshaft from the front end. The rolling bearings at both ends can be pulled out and knocked out with special tools.


Decomposition of speed control components of diesel generators. First loosen the control handle, remove the adjusting spring, loosen the nut on the tie rod pin and the firm screw of the rear shell, so that the speed control lever part and the tie rod screw part are separated, and the rear shell and the lever part can be disassembled together. When removing the tie rod screw, the rack pin should be removed first. Screw out the screw plugs at both ends of the speed control rod to push out the lever shaft, and the speed control lever is detachable.


How to detect the fuel injection pump and governor of diesel generators?


1. Test the sliding and radial sealing of the plunger and barrel. The sliding test is to incline the plunger pair by 45°, match the plunger to form a plunger of about 1/3, and make the plunger rotate once, and the plunger can slide down without hindrance. The sealing test bench shall test the airtightness of the diameter part of the piston assembly.


diesel generator

In addition, users can also use a simple sealing comparison method, first align the use section of the plug groove with the position of the oil return hole, and then block the large end of the plunger and the other oil inlet with their fingers. Then, the plunger slowly advances. When the end of the plunger reaches the edge of the oil return hole (that is, the oil hole of the cover plate), observe the oil return hole. There should be no oil foam and air bubbles. If it does not meet the requirements, it is unqualified. After long-term use, the surface of the plunger will be severely worn. Corrosion and peeling of the chute should be replaced. If there are rust spots on the upper end of the plunger sleeve, you can use chromium oxide abrasive paste to slowly polish on the plate to repair it.


2. Check whether the sealing cone of the exhaust valve and the exhaust valve seat is damaged, dented or worn, and can be repaired. First, apply aluminum oxide on the cone surface and grind it back and forth until it is completely sealed. The more serious ones need to be replaced. When the nylon gasket of the delivery valve assembly is severely deformed, it should also be replaced.


3. Check whether the plunger and shoulder blade plane of the fuel injection pump body is recessed or deformed. If there is recessed deformation, it will affect the vertical degree of the plunger sleeve installation and the sealing of the adhesive surface of the shoulder blade, resulting in poor plunger slippage and oil leakage.


4. According to the more serious degree, check the wear of the roller body hole and the camshaft cam in the fuel injection pump, and whether to continue to use or replace it.


5. If the fly iron angle and the iron pin hole are worn seriously, they should be replaced. After replacement, the quality of the two fly irons should not exceed 1g.


6. Other parts such as severe wear, defects, fractures, etc. should be replaced.


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