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Dingbo Power Shares 9 Maintenance Tips For Alternators

Aug. 19, 2023

Under normal circumstances, when the alternator is used coaxially with the diesel engine crankshaft, the rotational energy of the diesel engine drives the generator rotor. Through the principle of electromagnetic induction, the generator will output the induced potential and generate current by closing the load circuit.


1. All brushless synchronous alternators are grounded negatively, and the grounding polarity of the battery must be consistent with that of the generator. Otherwise, the battery will be applied to the rectifier diode in the forward direction and the diode will burn out. The editor has encountered this problem once. Many years ago, when a harvester driver replaced the battery, he did not pay attention to the wrong polarity of the battery grounding and mistakenly connected it to the positive grounding. Therefore, it must be noted that the grounding polarity of the battery must be consistent with that of the generator.


2. When the generator is running, do not use the spark test method, that is, short-circuit the "B" and "E" terminals of the alternator, to check whether the generator generates electricity, otherwise the rectifier diode will be easily burned out.


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3. If it is found that the generator does not generate electricity or the charging current is very small, it should be stopped in time to find out the cause and eliminate the fault. Otherwise, the fault may expand. For example, when one diode is short-circuited, other diodes and stator windings will be burned out.


4. When the six rectifier diodes of the rectifier are connected to the stator winding, it is strictly forbidden to use an AC voltage above 220V or a megohmmeter to check the generator insulation, otherwise the diodes and the electronic components in the regulator will be damaged.


5. The type of grounding between the regulator and the alternator. The voltage levels must be the same, otherwise the charging system will not work properly.


6. The power of the alternator should not exceed the power that the regulator can match, and the power that the regulator can match depends on the power of the high-power triode.


7. Disconnect the key switch when parking to prevent the battery from discharging to the magnetic field winding for a long time.


8. When the generator is in normal operation, do not disassemble the connecting wires of various electrical appliances at will, so as to avoid causing instantaneous overvoltage in the circuit to damage the diodes, electronic components in the regulator and other electronic equipment.


9. The battery can act as a capacitor to absorb the instantaneous overvoltage in the circuit to a certain extent. When the engine is running, do not remove the battery connection wire at will, otherwise it will easily damage the generator diode and the electronic components in the regulator. The regulating voltage of the regulator should not be too high or too low to avoid damaging electrical equipment or causing insufficient battery charging.


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