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Diesel Storage And Oxidation Prevention Management For Generator Sets

Mar. 01, 2022

With the development of science and technology, the technology of diesel generator sets has been developed, in which diesel generator sets mainly use diesel as fuel. Diesel fuel for diesel generator sets needs to be pretreated before use.


Diesel oxidation is a complex process. Before use, it is necessary to remove the moisture and impurities in it to make the engine run normally, prevent the blockage due to the deposition of oxidized impurities in contact with the air, and even cause serious wear.


Sulfide in diesel will produce insoluble sediment, which is an important factor in diesel oxidation. When diesel fuel comes into contact with oxygen, if the temperature is high, diesel will be oxidized. The production of gums and carbon residues is one of the characteristics of diesel oxidation. Therefore, the container for storing diesel oil should be closed as much as possible.


Aiming at the management of diesel oxidation of diesel generator sets, I will teach you some tips to prevent diesel oxidation and keep the water tank cool. The key to delayed oxidation is a cool tank, around -6°C is ideal, but should not go above 30°C. Cooler tanks can be achieved by investing in underground tanks or by providing a roof, or some type of enclosure to reduce exposure to sunlight (if field operations) as well as reduce exposure to water sources.


Additives in diesel, such as antioxidants and fuel stabilization treatments, maintain the quality of diesel fuel by stabilizing the diesel and preventing chemical breakdown. Do not use treatments or fuel additives that claim to be effective on both gasoline and diesel fuels. In fact, oxidants can not only stabilize diesel oil but also anti-oxidation, because the additives in diesel oil contain antioxidants, which can help the chemical decomposition of diesel oil to maintain the quality of diesel fuel and accelerate the metabolism of the body. Naturally, part of the sugar can be excreted. In addition, diesel additives can remove sugar and help maintain the quality of diesel.


diesel generator set

How to store diesel and prevent diesel oxidation management?


When storing, the storage container should be cleaned, and attention should be paid to prevent the entry of moisture and impurities.


Do not mix with gasoline as lighting or lighting tools.


High temperature will increase the oxidation rate of diesel oil. Usually, it should be placed in a cool place. For storage in the open air, use a container that can play a role in sun protection, or a place with shelter.


When the temperature is low, you can add a little kerosene to ensure the fluidity of diesel oil, and absolutely cannot add gasoline.


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