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Diesel Performance And Selection Method

Jul. 10, 2021

Diesel is refined from petroleum, with low spontaneous ignition point, high density, good stability, safe use and low cost, but it is volatile, and diesel generators are not easy to start in low temperature environments. We all know that under the different conditions of various diesel engines, diesel oil needs uninterrupted fuel supply and atomization to provide good conditions for normal combustion. The quality of diesel directly affects the power and reliability of diesel generators. Therefore, understanding the performance of diesel is very important for reducing fuel consumption. So, what are the main performance characteristics of diesel? What are the ways to choose it? Let's learn about it with Jiangsu Starlight Company.


I. The main properties of diesel

The auto-ignition temperature of an internal combustion engine is the lowest auto-ignition temperature of the internal combustion engine without external combustion engine driving. The cetane number represents the spontaneous combustion characteristics of diesel. The higher the cetane number, the lower the auto-ignition temperature and the easier it is to catch fire. But too high or too low cetane number is not good. The cetane number is too high, although it is easy to catch fire, but the stability is poor, and the oil consumption is large; the cetane number is too low, and the diesel engine is very rough when it is working. The value of diesel cetane number in ordinary internal combustion engines is generally 30-60.


The viscosity of diesel fuel plays a major role in the atomization of diesel fuel. Explains the concentration of diesel and the degree of difficulty in flow. The injection volume is large, the injection volume is large, the injection distance is long, but the dispersion ability is poor, and the mixing with the air is not uniform, and the diesel engine is easy to smoke when working, which increases the fuel consumption. Lowering the temperature can increase the viscosity. Otherwise, the opposite is true.


The flow characteristic of a diesel engine is mainly the condensation point. When diesel loses its fluidity, the temperature is called the freezing point. When the diesel temperature is lower than this point, the diesel cannot flow, the fuel supply is interrupted, and the diesel engine cannot work normally. The freezing point is one of the main reasons for choosing diesel.


diesel engine.jpg

II. Diesel specifications and selection

GB252-2011 "Ordinary Diesel" divides the freezing point of ordinary diesel into 7 levels:


1. Ordinary diesel No. 10 is suitable for areas where the risk rate is 10% and the minimum temperature is higher than 12°C;


2. Generally, the suitable risk rate of No. 5 ordinary diesel is within 10%, and the temperature does not exceed 8℃;


3. General diesel No. 0 is suitable for areas where the risk rate is above 10% and the minimum temperature exceeds 4℃;


4. For areas where the risk rate is above 10% and the lowest temperature is above -5°C, -10 ordinary diesel is suitable;


5. For areas where the risk rate is above 10% and the lowest temperature is above -14℃, -20 ordinary diesel is suitable;


6. General -35 diesel is suitable for areas with a risk rate of more than 10%, and the lowest temperature is above -29°C;


7. In areas above -44℃, the risk rate is 10%, and the lowest temperature is higher than -44℃, you can choose -50 ordinary diesel.


III. Technical performance and test methods of general diesel


1. The test method also includes GB/T11140, TT17040, Tt, GB/T17040.


2. Use ordinary diesel without nitrate ester as raw material, use nitrate ester type cetane number improver, use carbon residue as base material, and determine the method of 10% distillation residual liquid. Ordinary diesel oil contains a nitrate ester cetane number improver. The detection method of this improver can be GB/T17144, but there are disputes, and GB/T268 shall prevail.


3. Pour the sample into a 100ml glass bottle and observe the room temperature at 20℃±5℃. The sample should be a transparent sample without suspended matter, moisture and mechanical impurities. If there is a dispute, it should be decided according to the provisions of GB/T260 or GB/T511.


4. For ordinary diesel oil produced from intermediate base or naphthenic crude oil, the allowable value of cetane or cetane index cannot be less than 40 (determined by the supplier and the buyer according to special requirements). The method for determining the cetane index is also It is stipulated in GB/T11139. In the event of a dispute, the provisions of GB/T386 shall prevail.


5. Use test methods such as SH/T0604. When the test results are disputed, test methods such as GB/T1884 and GB/T1885 should be used.


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