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Diesel Generator Starting Fault Detection And Detection Principle

Aug. 21, 2023

Diesel generator involves three main components: diesel engine, AC synchronous generator and control box. Common faults involve difficult starting, abnormal smoke exhaust, weak operation, uneven speed, insufficient charging, etc. In order to quickly and accurately eliminate equipment failure problems, do not randomly disassemble until the cause of the failure problem is found. The general basic principles of engine failure are: combining structure, basic principles of connection, phenomenon, and actual connection, from simple to complex, from table to inner, according to the series of parts, reasoning and detection. The following are diesel generator fault investigation and four basic principles of detection.


Diesel generator can not start common faults:


Fault phenomenon: There is no explosive sound in the cylinder, the exhaust pipe emits white smoke or no smoke, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke.


Practice has proved that in order to ensure the smooth operation of a diesel engine, four preconditions must be met: a certain speed, smooth oil circuit, smooth air circuit, good cylinder compression, and fuel supply timing. From the prerequisites for the operation of the diesel engine, the reason why the diesel engine cannot operate or does not operate easily can be derived.


Cause of failure problem:

1. Diesel engine speed is too low:

a. The starting speed is too low.

b. The position of the decompression device is incorrect or improperly adjusted. c. The intermediate adjustment of the valve is improper.


2. The oil circuit is not smooth:

a. There is no oil in the fuel tank or the oil switch is not turned on.

b. The diesel engine is started, and the working environment temperature is too low.

c. There is water or air in the oil circuit.

d. The nozzle is atomized after fuel injection Bad or no fuel injection.

e. The oil pipe or diesel filter is blocked.

f. The air filter is too dirty or blocked.


3. Poor compression of the cylinder:

a. The middle between the piston and the cylinder wall is too large.

b. The piston ring is broken or the elasticity is too small.

c. The intake and exhaust valves are not closed tightly.


Shangchai power generator

4. Improper fuel supply:

a. The fuel injection time is too early (it is easy to kill the fuel injection pump) or too late.

b. The gas distribution is not on time.


In order to ensure the smooth operation of the diesel generator, when the equipment has no output voltage, the following four basic maintenance principles should be adhered to:


1. First eliminate the motor failure problem, and then eliminate other failure problems, this is because the motor is the foundation for the smooth operation of the equipment.


2. After the excitation system, the main engine first eliminates the fault problem of the auxiliary exciter, and then eliminates the fault problem of the main alternator. The alternator cannot run because the exciter cannot produce electricity. If there is no exciter, please check the excitation power source first.


3. Manually observe the manual operation first, and then manually observe the automatic operation to quickly determine whether the excitation regulator is faulty. If there is no manual pressure adjustment, please test the starting circuit first.


4. No-load first and then load to make the no-load indicator of the equipment smooth, and then load to judge whether there is a fault, such as the no-load fault of the equipment. Exception running after loading.


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