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Diesel Generator Sets Should Be Well Ventilated In Summer

Jul. 16, 2021

Summer is the peak period of electricity consumption, and the frequency of using diesel generator sets has also increased greatly. Diesel generator sets themselves emit great heat during operation. This requires users to cool and ventilate the engine room of diesel generator sets. When arranging the machine room, ensure that there is enough air flow to meet the needs of the unit's combustion and cooling ventilation. In this article, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. summarizes the cooling and ventilation requirements for everyone, for the reference of the majority of users.


1. Cooling requirements


1. When installing the unit, the radiator should be as close as possible to the exhaust outlet to prevent the recirculation of hot air. When there is no air duct, it is recommended that the distance between the radiator and the exhaust outlet is no more than 150 mm; if the equipment room cannot meet the above requirements, it is recommended to install the corresponding air duct.


machine room.jpg

2. The area of the exhaust vent should be 1.5 times of the exhaust area of the radiator. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to install air ducts and exhaust louvers with the radiator.


3. The bend of the air pipe should pass through an appropriate elbow. If the pipe is too long, the size should be increased to reduce the exhaust back pressure. Long-distance air duct mufflers should be specially designed according to the characteristics of the building.


4. The intake and exhaust vents of buildings are usually installed with shutters and grids. When calculating the size of the air vents, the effective ventilation area of the shutters and grids should be considered.


5. A large amount of air is needed for combustion and cooling of the unit, which is often overlooked. It is recommended that the total area of the air inlet is at least twice the heat dissipation area of the unit; all the air outlets should be able to prevent rainwater from entering. In cold climate areas, the engine room of standby and rarely-operated generator sets should be able to be insulated; the inlet and exhaust outlets can be equipped with adjustable shutters, and the shutters can be closed when the unit is not in operation. For units that are automatically put into operation due to main power failure, it is usually necessary to install a standard thermostatically controlled immersion cooling water heater.


2. Ventilation requirements


1. The dampers or shutters play the role of isolating the machine room from the surrounding environment, and their opening and closing operations should be controlled by the operating status of the unit.


2. The movable dampers installed in the machine room in cold areas should allow the airflow in the machine room to recirculate, so as to heat the machine room when the machine is cold and improve the efficiency of the unit.


The good cooling and ventilation environment of the diesel generator room plays a very important role in the normal operation of the diesel generator set. Therefore, everyone should pay great attention to the cooling and ventilation measures of the engine room to ensure the reliability of the power supply of the unit. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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