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Diesel Generator Set with Electronic Fuel Injection

Sep. 02, 2020

With people's attention to environmental protection, EFI diesel generator with its energy saving, fuel saving, environmental protection features, has become the preferred diesel generator. Today Starlight will take you to understand the principle and characteristics of EFI diesel generator set.


What is principle of EFI diesel generator?


The fuel is extracted from the fuel tank by the gear pump driven by the engine camshaft through the filter, and flows to the fuel supply pump through an electromagnetic emergency shut-off valve. At this time, the pressure is about 0.5MPa. Then, the oil flow is divided into two ways. One way passes through the small hole on the safety valve and flows into the pressure control valve through the camshaft chamber of the oil supply pump, and then flows back to the oil tank. The other way is filled with the oil supply pump of cylinder 3.

In the fuel supply pump, the fuel pressure rises to 135Mpa or higher to feed into the common rail. The common rail has a pressure sensor and a pressure control valve to control the flow by cutting off the oil circuit. Use this method to adjust the common rail pressure set by the control unit. The high-pressure fuel flows into the injector from the common rail and is divided into two routes: one is injected directly into the combustion chamber, and the other is returned to the fuel tank together with the fuel leaked from the needle valve guide part and control plunger during the injection.

Cummins diesel generator with electronic fuel injection


Advantages of diesel generator with electronic fuel injection

1.Diesel generator set electronic fuel injection technology(electronic injection technology for fuel system of internal combustion engine), it greatly controls the serious environmental pollution caused by engine exhaust emission.

2.Due to the particularity of the fuel supply system of diesel engine, that is, the fuel is injected at high pressure (10 ~ 120MPa) to the cylinder, it is more difficult to change the original fuel supply mode compared with gasoline engine. In fact, the pollution of diesel engine is sometimes more serious than that of gasoline engine, especially smoke exhaust, carbon oxides and so on. But with electronic fuel injection, it can reduce pollution.

3.Control of injection time. Different from the general electronic governor, the actuator of the general electronic governor is to pull (rotate) the plunger uniformly, and it is impossible for each cylinder to control independently. However, the plunger of the injector in EFI system is controlled by solenoid valve separately, and the movement of plunger is consistent with the running speed of diesel engine or the signal of crankshaft position sensor Time independent.


4.The diesel generator requires that the diesel engine only has stable running speed and good dynamic performance, so as to output high-quality electric energy. At the same time, it has the automation of speed adjustment, so as to realize the automation and intelligence of standby (main) power supply. Therefore, in recent years, some diesel engines equipped with diesel generators have realized electronic speed regulation, but they have done nothing to control environmental pollution.

5.Injection pressure control. The acidification of the injector enhances the piston's ability to generate double hydraulic force to push the plunger. Even if the input high-pressure oil pressure is unstable, the injection pressure can still be maintained within 3000-21000psi. Such hydraulic pressure is also applicable to high-speed diesel engines.


Starlight Power also has diesel generator with electronic fuel injection, if you are interested, please contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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