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Diesel Generator Set Temperature Rise Requirements and Cooling Methods

Aug. 17, 2023

As an emergency power source, diesel generator sets need to work uninterrupted for a long time when in use. With such a large load, the temperature of the generator set has become a problem. To maintain good uninterrupted work, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the generator set within the acceptable range, which requires everyone to understand the temperature rise requirements and cooling methods.

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1. Temperature rise requirements

According to the different insulation grades of diesel generators, the temperature rise requirements are different. Generally, when the generator is running, the temperature of its stator winding, excitation winding, iron core, collector ring, etc. is about 80 degrees, and if it exceeds 80 degrees, it is The temperature rise is too high.

2. Cooling method

Different types of generators with different capacities have different cooling forms. But the cooling medium used is generally air, hydrogen, and water. Taking the turbine synchronous generator as an example, its cooling system is closed, and the cooling medium is used in circulation.

(1) Air cooling

The air cooling adopts the method of fan blowing, and the cold air is used to blow the winding ends of the generator set, the stator and the rotor of the generator set to dissipate heat. After joining, it is discharged through the air duct of the iron core and cooled by the cooler. The cooled air is then sent into the generator by the fan for circulation to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. Medium and small synchronous generators generally use air cooling.

(2) Hydrogen cooling

Hydrogen cooling all use hydrogen as the cooling medium. The heat dissipation performance of hydrogen is better than that of air. Most of the turbo-generators use hydrogen for cooling.

(3) Water cooling

Water cooling is the use of stator and rotor double water cooling. The cold water external water system of the stator water system flows through the water pipes to the water inlet rings installed on several seats of the stator, and then flows to each coil through the insulating pipes respectively, absorbs heat, and then collects them to the water outlet rings installed on the machine seat through the insulating water pipes. It is then discharged into a water system outside the generator for cooling. The cooling of the rotor water system first enters the water inlet support installed on the side shaft end of the exciter, then flows into the central hole of the rotating shaft, flows to the water collecting tank along several meridian holes, and then flows to each coil through the insulating pipe. After the cold water absorbs heat, it flows into the water outlet tank through the insulating pipe, and then flows to the water outlet support through the drainage holes on the outer edge of the water outlet tank, and is led out by the water outlet main pipe. Since the heat dissipation performance of water is much higher than that of air and hydrogen, new large-scale generator sets generally use water cooling.

Especially in summer, the long-term operation of the diesel generator set is very likely to cause the temperature to be too high. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the temperature rise of the unit in time and take appropriate cooling methods to cool the unit. In addition, the ventilation settings of the engine room are also It is very particular that a variety of cooling measures are carried out at the same time, which will achieve the best cooling and ventilation effect and ensure that the diesel generator set is in the best operating state.

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