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Diesel Generator Set Installation And Operating Environment

Aug. 09, 2022

Generally, the fixed open type Shangchai diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, voltage regulator, cooling water tank, coupling, common base and shock-absorbing pad. All components of the unit are installed on the public base, and the base is provided with hoisting holes to facilitate the movement of the unit. In this article, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will introduce the installation environment and operating environment of Shangchai diesel generator sets.


The selection of installation and use site of Shangchai diesel generator set should meet the following conditions:

1. Good ventilation, the ambient temperature should not exceed 40 ℃.


2. The environment is clean, and avoid placing items that generate acid, alkali and other corrosive gases and vapors nearby.


3. It should be installed indoors or where the sun and rain can be avoided.


4. If the unit is placed in the special diesel generator room, the foundation is required to be horizontal concrete, and a foundation platform is required. The length of the platform is the unit length + 200, the width is the unit width + 200, and the height is 200 above the ground. The unit is directly placed here. On the platform, it is best to place elastic pads between the unit and the platform to prevent vibration.


5. When the diesel generator set of Shangchai is used indoors, the hot air discharged by the fan and the exhaust gas discharged by the diesel engine should be led to the outdoor. The diameter of the connected exhaust pipe should not be too small, and the curves should not be too many to ensure smooth exhaust.


diesel generator set

6. Set up a cable ditch indoors and cover the floor. The connecting cables between the unit and the owner's low-voltage power distribution cabinet should be laid in the cable ditch.


7. The unit must be installed with a grounding wire, and the grounding must be good (connect to a deep underground copper plate).


8. The design and construction of the computer room must be consulted with architectural designers, firefighting and water and electricity personnel.


Introduction to the operating environment of Shangchai diesel generator sets.

1. The generator set should be able to output rated power and work continuously for 12h (including overload capacity) under the following conditions.

Atmospheric pressure: 100KPa

Ambient temperature: 25℃

Relative humidity: 30%


When the operating conditions are inconsistent with the regulations or exceed 12 hours of continuous operation, the output power of the unit under non-standard atmospheric conditions should be corrected according to the provisions of the diesel engine operation and maintenance manual.


2. The unit can work reliably under the following conditions:

Ambient temperature: 5~40℃

Altitude: less than 1000m

Relative humidity: less than 90%


3. The unit is only suitable for use indoors or in places where the sun and rain can be avoided.


4. The unit is not suitable for use in places with conductive dust and corrosive chemical gases in the air.


The above is the installation environment and operating environment requirements of Shangchai diesel generator sets introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., I hope to help you.


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