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Diesel Generator Set Electrical Design Grounding Problem

Aug. 17, 2023

In the installation and use of diesel generator sets, reasonable grounding design can ensure the orderly power supply. During the use of diesel generator sets, the potential of any component cannot exceed the specified value. Once the specified value is exceeded, the entire electrical system and life safety will be affected. cause significant impact.

Yuchai diesel generator set

The division of grounding types

(1) System grounding - such as neutral grounding, to maintain the safety of the electrical system.

(2) Equipment grounding - such as equipotential bonding to ensure personal safety.

Most of the system grounding is determined according to the type of electrical system design, and is also affected by other electrical system characteristics, such as the mains power supply method. The grounding of the equipment is the same, and it is less affected by other electrical systems.

Direct Ground and Impedance Ground

For systems with AC voltage below 1000 volts, direct grounding is generally used. For high-voltage systems, grounding and fault protection and overcurrent protection are placed before reliability, and grounding impedance is generally required, and grounding resistance is usually used. The grounding resistance value varies according to different systems, otherwise it will cause malfunction when the downstream load fails.

There are some occasions where the neutral point of high and low voltage systems is not grounded. In this case, consideration must be given to how to absorb overvoltages caused by arc faults, which transient overvoltages can cause system voltage ratings, especially for equipment such as generators and transformers.

In most cases, commercial, factory, and mobile generator sets are neutrally grounded directly without impedance; except for generator sets for marine and land use, in these occasions, it is hoped that the generator can continue to run when a single point of grounding occurs.

In other places, large grounding current must be excluded, such as places where open flames or natural gas exist, and grounding protection devices must be installed in these places; when a fault occurs, an alarm signal will be issued. The high resistance is usually added to the ground return (rather than an open circuit - suppressing overvoltage), and the ground fault is monitored by a voltage relay.

Electricity Regulations

The generator and associated equipment must provide a ground point for ground connection. The installation company must ensure that the grounding complies with local electrical codes. If the generator set is used as a supplement to the mains, the power company must be consulted before the generator set is installed; the generator set and the mains are connected in parallel, especially its grounding method.

In the electrical design, there are higher requirements for the grounding system of the diesel generator set. In order to improve the reliability of the power system and the safety of citizens, a scientific and reasonable grounding system must be designed to ensure a good power supply effect.

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