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Diesel Generator Set Components Require Frequent Maintenance

Dec. 17, 2021

The components of any equipment will be damaged or fail due to various reasons over time. Diesel generator sets are no exception. Failure to properly and timely maintain the components of the generator sets is also the most common cause of malfunctions of diesel generator sets.


Generally, diesel generators should be repaired by professionals at least once a year, and their regular maintenance, inspections and overhauls are essential to determine the service life of the generator. So do you know which components of diesel generator sets need to be inspected and maintained frequently?


1. Alternator

The alternator is the heart of a diesel generator. Its main function is to convert the mechanical energy produced by the engine into electrical energy. It has two main components that work together to generate electricity: the stator (stationary part) and the rotor (moving part). The interaction of these basic components in the magnetic field and electric field is the cause of electricity.


Alternators are generally considered to be durable. However, despite this, its components still need to be continuously monitored to avoid depreciation. If some parts of the alternator stop operating normally or show rust and burnt, it indicates that quick repairs are required.


The insulator is part of the alternator and you need to pay special attention. When the generator is running, if it is not sufficiently insulated, the heat it emits can damage various components. Although this problem occurs as the machine ages, regular insulation maintenance can minimize its destructive effects.


2. Stator

The stator is a fixed component that exists in systems such as generators, motors, and alarms. Its main task is to keep the magnetic field aligned. Its function is to convert the rotating magnetic field into electric current. At the same time, common faults in stator windings usually originate from discharge slots, switching surges, overheating, lighting, and single-phase and unbalanced voltages.


diesel generator

A public power distribution system is a system that causes electrical failure of the power supply in the induction motor, resulting in single-phase and voltage imbalance. Voltage imbalance can cause overheating because the sequence and voltage difference are negative and unbalanced, which can damage the windings and stator. When the rotor is overheated, stator winding failure is also most likely to occur.


3. Rotor

In contrast to the stator, the rotor is the moving part of the electromagnetic system of the motor and generator. It is usually placed inside the iron core of the stator. It can be observed from its rotation that its dynamic properties are due to the relative movement of the twitch and the magnetic field.


If there is a problem with the AC rotor, rotor bar breaks caused by high load capacity and frequent starts are usually the cause of the failure because they transfer current from the rotor. Whenever these problems occur, they must be repaired immediately to avoid further damage. For this reason, it is important to always observe the start-up failure of the generator in order to identify insufficient torque and avoid high load capacity that may cause irreversible damage to the rotor bar.


Certain parts of diesel generators require regular maintenance and regular inspections, because their failure or damage will seriously affect the operation of the machine. The alternator, stator, and rotor are some of the most important components, and should always be highly maintained and inspected during generator overhaul.


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