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Diesel Generator Room Needs Reasonable Design To Improve Safety

Jul. 26, 2023

Many customers have made great efforts to purchase diesel generator, but they don't care about the design of the engine room. In fact, even the best diesel generator is very likely to cause safety accidents without a good working environment. Therefore, the engine room of diesel generator must be reasonably designed to improve safety. Let's talk about this with Dingbo Power.


1. Determine the required usage area of the computer room based on the size of the equipment. The cooling system, smoke exhaust system, oil tank, and electrical equipment cabinet of the unit are all equipment that need to occupy the usage area. The usage area of the machine room should be budgeted based on these equipment, and appropriate area should be reserved.


2. The key step in the design of the computer room is to export the hot air flowing out of the radiator to the outside of the computer room to prevent backflow. The temperature inside the computer room should be kept as low as possible to ensure the normal operation of the generator.


diesel generator

3. The muffler and exhaust pipe in the machine room must be designed and installed on the roof, and a long section pipe shall be installed between the exhaust port of the diesel generator set and the rigid pipe.


4. The hot air guide hood in the diesel generator room and the connection parts of all other diesel generator sets must be flexible, such as fuel pipes, electrical connections, etc.


Of course, the safety of diesel generator depends on the reasonable design of the machine room, as well as the standardized operation and regular inspection and maintenance. Only by doing these steps well can the safety of the generator set be maximized.


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