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Diesel Generator Knowledge 2

Aug. 18, 2023

1. Must the load of the generator be kept in three-phase balance during use? Answer: Yes. The maximum deviation shall not exceed 25%, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without phase.

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2. What are the four strokes of a four-stroke diesel engine? Answer: Inhale, compress, do work, and exhaust.

3. What is the biggest difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine? Answer: 1) The pressure objects in the cylinder are different. The diesel engine compresses air in the compression stroke stage. the gasoline engine compresses the gasoline and air mixture in the compression stroke stage. 2) The ignition method is different. Diesel engines rely on atomized diesel to ignite high-pressure gas. gasoline engines rely on spark plugs for ignition.

4. What does "two votes and three systems" in the power system specifically refer to? A: The second vote refers to the work ticket and the operation ticket. That is, any work and operation performed on electrical equipment. The work ticket and operation ticket issued by the person in charge of the shift must be collected first. The parties must execute by vote. The three systems refer to the shift system, the patrol inspection system, and the regular switching system of equipment.

5. What is the so-called three-phase four-wire system? Answer: There are 4 outgoing wires of the generator set, 3 of which are live wires and 1 is zero wire. The voltage between the live wire and the live wire is 380V. 220V between live wire and neutral wire.

6. What is the three-phase short circuit? What are the consequences? Answer: There is no load between the live wires, and a direct short circuit is a three-phase short circuit. The consequences are very terrifying, and in serious cases, it will lead to the destruction of the machine and the death of people.

7. What is the so-called reverse power transmission? What two serious consequences will there be? Answer: The situation where the self-provided generator sends power to the city network is called reverse power transmission. There are two serious consequences: a) If the city network is not powered off, the city network power supply and the self-provided generator power supply produce asynchronous parallelism, which will destroy the unit. If the capacity of the self-provided generator is large, it will also cause shocks in the city network. b) The city network has been out of power and is being repaired, and its self-provided generator sends electricity backwards. The maintenance personnel of the power supply department will be electrocuted.

8. Why must the commissioning personnel check whether all the fixing bolts of the unit are in good condition before commissioning? Are all line interfaces intact? Answer: After the unit is transported for a long time, sometimes it is inevitable that the screw bolt and the line interface will be loose or dropped, which will affect the debugging and damage the machine.

9. Which level of energy does electric energy belong to? What are the characteristics of alternating current? Answer: Electric energy is a secondary energy source, alternating current is converted from mechanical energy, and direct current is converted from chemical energy. The characteristic of alternating current is that it cannot be stored, and it is now used.

10. What conditions must the generator set meet before it can be switched on for power transmission? Answer: The water cooling unit, the water temperature reaches 56 degrees Celsius. The air-cooled unit and the body are slightly hot. The voltage and frequency are normal at no load. Oil pressure is normal. before closing the switch and sending power.

11. What is the load sequence after power on? Answer: The load is carried in order from large to small.

12. What is the unloading sequence before shutdown? Answer: The load is removed in order from small to large, and finally shut down.

13. Why can't it be turned off and turned on with load? Answer: Shutdown with load is an emergency shutdown, which has a greater impact on the unit. Starting with load is an illegal operation, which will cause damage to the power generation equipment and electrical equipment.

14. What should be paid attention to when using diesel generators in winter? Answer: 1) Pay attention that the water tank must not freeze, and the prevention methods include adding special long-term anti-rust, anti-freeze or using electric heating equipment to ensure that the room temperature is above the freezing point. 2) Baking with open fire is strictly prohibited. 3) The no-load preheating time should be a little longer before power transmission.

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