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Diesel Generator Knowledge 1

Aug. 18, 2023

1. What is the power factor of the three-phase generator? Can a power compensator be added to improve the power factor? Answer: The power factor is 0.8. No, because the charging and discharging of the capacitor will cause fluctuations in the small power supply. and vibration of the unit.

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2. Why do we require the customer to carry out a tightening of all electrical contacts after every 200 hours of operation of the unit? Answer: Diesel generator sets are vibration workers. Moreover, many domestically produced or assembled units are useless to use double nuts. The spring washer is useless. Once the electrical fasteners are loosened, a large contact resistance will occur, resulting in abnormal operation of the unit.

3. Why must the generator room be clean and free of floating sand on the ground? Answer: If the diesel engine inhales dirty air, the power will decrease. if the generator inhales impurities such as sand particles, the insulation between the stator and rotor gaps will be damaged, and in severe cases, it will be burned.

4. Why is it generally not recommended for users to use neutral grounding during installation in recent years? Answer: 1) The self-regulating function of the new generation generator is greatly enhanced. 3) In practice, it is found that the lightning failure rate of the neutral point grounding unit is relatively high. 3) The grounding quality requirements are relatively high, which cannot be achieved by ordinary users. Unsafe work grounding is worse than not grounding. 4) The unit with the neutral point grounded will cover up the leakage fault and grounding error of the load, and these faults and errors cannot be exposed under the condition of large-current power supply of the mains.

5. What problems should be paid attention to when using a unit with an ungrounded neutral point? Answer: The 0 wire may be charged because the capacitive voltage between the live wire and the neutral point cannot be eliminated. The operator must regard the 0 line as a charged body. It cannot be dealt with according to the habit of commercial electricity.

6. How to match the power of the UPS and the diesel generator to ensure the stable output of the UPS? Answer: 1) UPS is generally expressed by the apparent power KVA. First, multiply it by 0.8 and convert it into a unit KW consistent with the active power of the generator. 2) If a general generator is used, multiply the active power of the UPS by 2 to determine the power of the allocated generator, that is, the generator power is twice the power of the UPS. 3) If a generator with PMG (permanent magnet machine excitation) is used, multiply the power of the UPS by 1.2 to determine the power of the generator, that is, the power of the generator is 1.2 times the power of the UPS

7. Can the electronic or electrical components marked with a withstand voltage of 500V be used in the control cabinet of diesel generators? Answer: No. Because the 400/230V voltage marked on the diesel generator set is the effective voltage. Its peak voltage is 1.414 times the effective voltage. That is, the peak voltage of the diesel generator is Umax=566/325V.

8. Are all diesel generator sets with self-protection function? Answer: No. At present, some units of the same brand in the market have or not. Users have to figure it out for themselves when purchasing a unit. It is best to put it in writing as an attachment to the contract. Generally, low-cost machines do not have self-protection functions.

9. What are the benefits if the customer buys self-starting, but does not buy the automatic conversion cabinet? Answer: 1) Once the power outage occurs in the city network, the unit will automatically start to speed up the manual power transmission time. 2) If the lighting wire is connected to the front end of the air switch, it can also ensure that the lighting of the computer room is not affected by the power outage, so as to facilitate the operator Work.

10. What does the general symbol GF of the domestic generator set mean? Answer: Represents two meanings: a) The power frequency generator set is the generator set suitable for the general power of 50HZ in my country. b) Domestic generator sets.

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