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Diesel Generator Fault Diagnosis

Jul. 16, 2021

Fault phenomenon: A 200KW diesel generator set, the original start is normal, but after a system maintenance work, the diesel engine can not start, press the start switch, the starter basically does not turn.

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Problem Diagnosis: I began to suspect that the battery was out of power. As it was working on site and there was no professional motor charger, I used the wiring method of another device to supply power from another device, which was also powered by air-cooled diesel generator, and began to charge. But after the lap, the diesel engine still can not start, in the start switch connected to the starter is still not rotating. At this time, the equipment operator thought that the maintenance personnel maintenance problems, may be a position improper adjustment, resulting in 200KW diesel generator set card and unable to start.


Problem solved: In order to find out the cause, the maintenance personnel have carried out a comprehensive inspection on the 200KW diesel generator again and found no abnormality. And in the diesel engine crankshaft with crowing, can feel the rotation of flexible, do not appear any stuck phenomenon. After careful inspection, it was found that the voltage meter on the instrument panel, no matter whether it was wired or not, had only 22V voltage, which could not meet the requirements of starting voltage; And the voltage is the same when connecting and not connecting, which proves that there is no transmission of electric energy to the other car after connecting. So it was decided to connect the wire directly at the back of the switch. As a result, when the diesel engine was started again, it was started successfully immediately.


The fault phenomenon shows that the 200 KW diesel generator set and the starting system seem to be all right, but if there is a virtual connection or poor contact phenomenon in the circuit, it will also bring difficulties to the 200 KW diesel generator set starting.


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