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Detection Method Of Diesel Generator

Nov. 12, 2021

Diesel generator feel inspection method:

The technical status of diesel generator set components can be identified through the intuition and experience of the surveyor, collectively referred to as the sensory inspection method, without the need for measuring instruments. This method is only suitable for distinguishing parts with obvious defects or low precision requirements, and the inspectors are required to have rich experience and technology. The detailed procedure is as follows.


1. Visual inspection or with the aid of a magnifying glass, observe and macroscopically inspect the parts, such as chamfering, rounding, cracks, fatigue peeling, abrasion, scratching, corrosion, deformation, aging, etc. to make reliable judgments.


2. Ear listening method. Judge its technical status based on the sound of diesel generators when they are running or the sound of knocking parts. The sound is clear when the parts are free of defects, and the sound is low when there are shrinkage holes inside, such as internal cracks, and the sound is hoarse.


2. Tactile contact with the detected generator components can determine the temperature and surface conditions during operation, and the relative movement of the mating parts to determine the size of the fit gap.


Generator detection method:

Diesel generator measuring instrument inspection method: (the following 6 methods are widely used because they can meet the inspection accuracy requirements)


Diesel generator

1. Use various measuring tools (such as calipers, steel rulers, vernier calipers, micrometers or dial gauges, thickness gauges, gauge blocks, gear measuring instruments, etc.) and instruments to detect the size, geometry, and mutual positioning accuracy of the components.


2. Use special equipment. The equipment checks the mechanical properties of parts such as stress, strength, hardness, impact and elongation.


3. Use the static and dynamic balance testing machine to perform static and dynamic balance tests on high-speed running components.


4. The elasticity and stiffness of various springs are detected by spring detectors or spring balances.


5. For parts that are subject to internal medium pressure and must be prevented from leaking, it is necessary to check their sealing performance on special equipment.


3. Metallographic detection, grain size and shape, micro defect and chemical composition analysis of metal structure.


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