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Detailed Classification Of The Most Commonly Used Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 14, 2023

The generator set in the diesel generator set is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the diesel engine into electrical energy, and the output part of electric power. There are many types of diesel generator sets. Today, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will introduce the most commonly used classification methods. It is classified according to the control mode, use and appearance of the diesel generator set.


(1) Classified by control mode.


① Manual unit: this type of unit is the most common. The unit has the function of automatic voltage and speed regulation. The operator can start, close, open and stop the unit at the machine room site. This type of unit is usually used as the main power supply or standby power supply.


② Self starting unit: the self starting unit is based on the manual unit, and the automatic control system is added. When the mains power is suddenly cut off, the unit has the functions of automatic startup, automatic voltage regulation, automatic frequency modulation, automatic switch over and automatic shutdown. The advantage of self starting unit is that it greatly reduces the dependence on operators and shortens the interval between mains power interruption and unit power supply. These units are usually used as backup power.


Shangchai Power generator set

③ Microcomputer controlled automatic unit: the unit is composed of diesel engine with perfect performance, AC synchronous generator, fuel oil (oil cooling water) automatic compensation device and automatic control panel. The automatic control panel adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) to control. In addition to the functions of self starting the unit, it can also automatically increase or decrease the unit according to the load, automatically handle faults, automatically record the operation report and fault conditions of the printer unit, and implement comprehensive automatic control of the unit. The serial communication interface (RS232RS422 or RS485) is used to realize the real-time remote control, remote signaling and telemetry (commonly known as "remote") of the central station for the scattered units, so as to achieve unattended. Such units are particularly suitable for use as emergency power supplies.


(2) Classified by use.


① Common units: these units operate all year round, and are generally located in areas far away from the power grid (or called municipal electricity) or near the industrial, mining and gold industry to meet the construction, production and domestic power consumption in these places. At present, in areas with rapid economic development, because the construction of power grid can not keep up with the needs of users, common diesel generator sets with short construction period are set up to meet the needs of users. This type of unit generally has large capacity. It provides continuous power supply for non constant load, has no limit on the time of continuous operation, and allows 1h overload power supply time every 12h. The overload capacity is 10% of the rated output power. Due to the long operation time and heavy load of such units, the allowable power relative to the local limit power is adjusted to a lower point.


② Standby unit: under normal circumstances, the power required by the user is supplied by the mains. When the mains power is cut off or the power supply is interrupted for other reasons, the unit set to ensure the basic production and life of the user is the standby unit. This type of unit is always used in important power consuming units such as telecommunication departments, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises with tight municipal power supply, airports and television stations. This type of unit can be kept in standby state at any time, and can provide continuous power supply for unsteady load. There is no limit to the time of continuous operation.


③ Emergency generator set: emergency generator set is often set to supply emergency power to electrical equipment that will cause large losses or personal accidents due to sudden interruption of mains power. For example, the fire protection system of high-rise buildings, the night system of evacuation lighting, elevators, automatic production lines, important communication systems, and medical equipment that is performing important operations on patients. Such units shall be able to start up and operate quickly in case of sudden interruption of mains power supply, and provide stable AC power to the load in the shortest time to ensure timely power supply to the load. This kind of unit requires a high degree of automation, and is usually used in conjunction with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to truly achieve the uninterruptible power supply of the whole system.


(3) Classified by appearance structure.


① Basic type unit: The basic type unit is the diesel generator unit that we usually see most. It may be a manual unit, or a self starting unit or a microcomputer controlled automatic unit.


② Silent unit (power station): the essential difference between the silent unit and the basic unit is that the unit is equipped with a sound insulation cover outside and a built-in muffler, which reduces the noise of the unit. This unit is suitable for special occasions requiring low noise, such as schools, hospitals and office places.


③ Trailer unit (power station): generally, the trailer unit is equipped with a trailer truck on the basis of the silent unit, which realizes the convenient movement of the unit and is suitable for short distance emergency power supply within the city.


④ On board unit (power station): The on board unit is a unit designed and manufactured specifically for remote emergency power supply, which is installed in the whole basic unit in the car compartment. Usually, the car body needs to be silenced and noise reduced.


⑤ Shelter (container) type unit: Shelter type unit is a unit designed and manufactured specifically for power supply of field engineering construction by installing the whole basic unit in the shelter. The unit power is generally above 300kW.


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