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Analysis for readjustment of Cummins generator fuel injection pump after installation

Jun. 29, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about the re-adjustment and analysis of the Cummins generator fuel injection pump after installation. If you want to know more about that, welcome to consult our Starlight website. Now we will introduce related content to you.

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According to the exhaust temperature, pressure or smoke color of each cylinder to judge its actual working condition and combustion degree, so as to determine whether the cylinder has too much fuel supply or too little, and the fuel supply time is too early or too late, and then make adjustments. By appropriately adjusting the fuel supply amount and fuel supply time of each cylinder, the fuel injection pump can supply fuel to each cylinder according to the principle of distribution on demand, so as to eliminate the actual difference between each cylinder.

Start the Cummins generator, idling for 2 to 3 minutes, and touch the exhaust port of each cylinder and the cylinder head near the fuel injector. If the temperature of a cylinder is too high, it can be preliminarily determined that the cylinder has too much fuel supply. Check the fuel supply advance angle. Generally, the oil spill method can be used to check the fuel supply advance angle, which is to loosen the high-pressure oil pipe joint on the end of the oil pump, remove the joint connected to the fuel injector, turn the oil pipe to the horizontal position, and then tighten the high-pressure oil pipe joint of the oil pump, and pull the throttle to At the maximum position, turn on the decompression rocker until a few drops of diesel emerge from the outlet of the high-pressure fuel pipe. Wipe the diesel oil at the outlet of the oil pipe, and then slowly turn the flywheel. At the same time, pay attention to the oil level at the exit of the high-pressure oil pipe, and immediately stop rotating the flywheel at the moment it starts to move up. At this time, the engraved line on the water tank or the body should be aligned between 16 and 20° before the top dead center of the flywheel. If there is oil overflow before the two are aligned, it means that the oil supply advance angle is too large and the oil supply is too early; if it exceeds, the oil overflows, indicating that the oil supply advance angle is too small and the oil supply is too late.

It is worth noting that for multi-cylinder diesel engines, special glass tubes and pointers are required to measure the arc length between the two marks on the fan pulley when the first cylinder is compressed at the top dead center and when the fuel supply is started to determine the fuel supply advance angle. is it right or not. At the same time, check whether the oil supply intervals of each unit pump are the same. If they are different, adjust the gap between the plunger and the tappet or the thickness of the gasket between the oil pump and the body to make the oil supply intervals consistent. When the fuel supply advance angle is too small or too large, it needs to be adjusted. Different models have different adjustment methods for the fuel supply advance angle.

After the above initial adjustment, check whether the exhaust temperature of each cylinder is consistent. If the normal operation of the engine cannot be restored, measure whether the cylinder pressure is within the allowable range, replace the piston ring or grind the valve if necessary, and check the injector Whether the atomization condition and opening pressure of the battery are normal. After the fuel injection pump is installed, adjust the fuel supply time according to the specified standard, and remove the exhaust manifold at the same time to observe the working conditions of each cylinder.

When the engine temperature exceeds 50°C, increase the throttle and let the engine run at the rated speed. At the same time, check the smoke color of each exhaust port and pay attention to the sound of the cylinder. If a cylinder emits black smoke, it means that the fuel supply is too large. Pull out the fuel injection pump adjusting rack to stop the fuel, loosen the locking screw on the adjusting gear, and insert a thin iron rod into the fuel control sleeve Tap the small hole with a hammer to turn it to the right to reduce the oil supply, and vice versa.

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