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Cummins Generator Set Sensor Failure Strategy

Nov. 05, 2021

The engine of the 290kw Cummins generator set uses Cummins' patented PT fuel system, which enables the unit to meet environmentally friendly emissions while having higher reliability, durability, power and fuel economy. So do you know what its crankshaft position sensor failure strategy is?


(1) The concept of failure strategy. The so-called failure strategy is the operating mode of the electronically controlled diesel engine in the fault state. When the diesel engine is in the following situations, the control strategy will enter the limphome state.


1. The crankshaft position sensor is damaged or the signal circuit is open or short-circuited.


2. The camshaft phase sensor is damaged or the signal circuit is open or short-circuited.


3. The common rail oil pressure sensor is damaged or the circuit is open or short-circuited.


4. The oil metering valve of the high-pressure oil pump is damaged or the drive circuit is open or short-circuited.


5. The electronic throttle sensor is damaged or the signal circuit is open or short-circuited.


(2) Crankshaft position sensor failure strategy. When the ECU judges that the crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor signal is faulty, the sensor is damaged or the signal circuit is damaged (open circuit or short circuit), the ECU processing measures are as follows:


diesel engine

1. Turn on the fault light.

2. Generate fault codes: P0008, P0340, P0341, P0335, P0336.

3. Diesel engines rely on a single sensor to continue working.

4. Diesel engine power performance has no obvious impact.

5. Starting time may be slightly longer than normal Long.

6. The throttle feels normal.

7. There is no obvious impact on operation, but fuel consumption and emissions may deteriorate.


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