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Cummins Diesel Generator Set Cannot Be Warmed Up

Aug. 31, 2021

Cummins diesel generator sets are an important part of the emergency power distribution system. The inability of the generator sets to warm up will directly affect the hot backup and emergency start of the generator sets, making the safety-related equipment in the process system without backup power supply and threatening the safety of the reactor.

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Through the analysis of the control principle of the Yao heater control principle of the Cummins diesel generator set cooling water preheating process, it can be seen that the electric pump motor runs for a long time without phase during the preheating process, which causes the motor winding to overheat, and the motor burns out. The relay action caused the heater to stop working without reaching the preset temperature, causing the unit to fail to warm up. After replacing the new electric pump, re-heat the unit to start the load performance test, and the test results meet the requirements of use.

Cummins diesel generator set and its fuel system and air start system are safety-related. The safety level of its equipment is: mechanical equipment is SC-3, electrical equipment is 1E, and seismic category is I. When all the external power supply is lost, or after receiving the protection system start instruction, the Cummins diesel generator set will be started and the power supply will be restored in an orderly manner within a predetermined time to avoid or reduce the occurrence of nuclear leakage accidents. During normal operation, the Cummins diesel generator set has been in a hot standby state, and the pre-lubrication and preheating system keeps the Cummins diesel generator set in a warm state.

Good starting conditions enable the diesel engine to reach full load in a short time after receiving the starting signal. The Cummins diesel generator set cannot be warmed up, which will directly affect the hot standby and emergency start of the unit, making the process system and safety-related equipment without backup power supply, threatening the safety of the reactor.

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