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Countermeasures for The Stuck Nozzle of Cummins Diesel Generator

Aug. 31, 2021

First put the stuck Cummins diesel generator injector into diesel or engine oil for heating, then take it out and wrap it with cloth, then clamp the needle valve with hand pliers and move it slowly to take out the needle valve from the needle valve body. Drop a small amount of clean engine oil into the needle valve body to make the needle valve move repeatedly in the needle valve body until the needle valve can move freely in the needle valve body. If there are burn marks on the sealing surface of the needle valve, you should pay attention to the amount of grinding paste and the grinding time when grinding with grinding paste. Install the cleaned bell valve assembly on the fuel injector and adjust the fuel injection pressure before reuse.

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1. Minimize the use of Cummins diesel generators

Do not run the Cummins diesel generator when it is not possible to run it, and minimize the time and frequency of using it. Compared with the National Grid, the cost of Cummins diesel generators for power generation is much higher than that of using the National Grid.

2. It is absolutely important to choose the right brand of unit

Why choose Cummins diesel generator? As long as the unit can generate electricity, isn't it all right? Wrong, not all generators that can generate electricity are good. The quality of big brands is guaranteed. You can rest assured when you use it. If something goes wrong, the service will make you feel at ease. The fuel consumption will be lower on the way and it will be more energy-saving. So it is very important to choose the right Cummins diesel generator.

3. Don't covet small bargains

The main point of this point is to pay attention to maintenance when using Cummins diesel generators. When the manufacturer tells us that we need to overhaul or mid-repair, don't think that there is no fault yet. Does it need to be repaired? In this way, you are very wrong, because Cummins diesel generators are worn out and other reasons, when it comes to overhaul or medium repair, it is already a bit serious. Only when it is used can unnecessary diesel consumption be reduced.

How to save fuel when using Cummins diesel generators is related to the direct interests of customers. Here we need to pay attention to the above three points. So that Cummins diesel generator can be used better.

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