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Correct Starting Steps For A Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 09, 2021

Under normal circumstances, Cummins diesel generator sets are equipped with self-starting function, its main function is, when the electricity is cut off (or other important units send a signal), after the delay confirmation of the diesel generator set will start automatically, to ensure that the generator set can normally supply power to the load. After the electricity is returned to normal, it will delay to confirm the automatic cooling and stopping. The following are the correct start-up steps for a Cummins diesel generator set


I. Removal of oil seal of Cummins diesel generator.

In order to prevent the diesel generator from rusting, there are oil seals inside and outside the unit when the product leaves the factory. In this way, after the installation of the new unit is completed and meets the installation requirements, it must be unsealed, otherwise there will be the danger of flying, which should be paid attention to. The method of removing oil seal can be divided into


1. Diesel oil heated to 45℃~56℃ above, used to scrub the appearance of antirust oil.

2. Heate the water to more than 90℃, and then pour it into the water outlet of the water jacket continuously, flow out of the water discharge switch on the side wall of the cylinder (or the water inlet of the pump), run for 2-3 hours continuously, shake the crankshaft uninterrupted, so that the anti-rust oil on the top of the piston, the surface of the cylinder sleeve and other parts dissolve and flow out.

3. Clean the oil pan with clean diesel oil and replace it with new oil. Refrigeration and fuel system, fuel injection control system, water pump and starting transmission system should be cleaned and checked according to the instructions, and sufficient cleaning cooling water should be added, the starting battery should be sufficient, and the preparation work should be done before starting up.

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II. Before the trial operation of Cummins diesel generator set, the following inspection shall be carried out:

1. Check whether the surface of the unit is clean, and check whether the nuts of foot nuts, flywheel screws and other moving parts are loose. Once problems are found, tighten them in time.

2. Check whether the clearance of each part is correct, especially carefully check whether the clearance of several decompression mechanisms in the inlet and exhaust valve clearance meets the requirements.

3. To each cylinder position in the reduced pressure, turn the crankshaft to detect sound presence of abnormal operation of each cylinder body parts if the crankshaft is not normal, at the same time, the oil pump into a friction surface, and then turn off the cylinder body, shaking the crankshaft, check whether the cylinder air leakage, if shaking the crankshaft, feel laborious, compression showed normal.


4. Check the status of fuel supply system. For example, check whether the vent hole on the fuel tank cap is open, and if there is dirt inside the vent hole, remove it. Whether the added diesel oil meets the required grade, whether the amount of oil is sufficient, and whether the oil circuit switch is turned on.


5. Check whether the water cooling water system is in the cooling state. For example, check whether the cooling water in the faucet is sufficient, and if it is insufficient, add enough clean soft water; Check whether the water pipe at the tap joint is leaking.


6. Check the lubrication system of Cummins generator set. If the oil pipe and pipe joint inspection, found that the problem is dealt with and solved in time; Check the amount of oil in the oil pan, pull out the dipstick next to the crankcase, observe whether the height of the joint meets the requirements, otherwise the amount should be added.


7.Check whether there is a problem with the starting system. For example, when starting, first check whether the specific gravity of electrohydraulic is between 1.240 and 1.280. If the specific gravity is less than 1.180, it means there is no starting power. Check whether the power supply line is correct, etc.


8. Check the installation of the generator. For example, to ensure that the cooling air inlet is not blocked, and to prevent the exhaust heat from re-entering the generator. If a louver is provided on the ventilator hood, the window orientation meets the requirements of protection level.


After all preparations have been completed and no problems determined, the Cummins diesel generator set can be started using either a power start or a key.


1. Power on: Power on first, twist the key, press the start button, after successful startup, press the emergency stop button to stop, turn off the key to alarm.

2. Start key: First clockwise direction key, the machine start after normal loosen the keys, then press "menu" button to enter module Settings, press prompted for a password, after entering the "up" "down" key to confirm, to check the engine oil pressure, lubricating oil, lubricating oil lamp is normal, according to "up" "down" after confirm the normal rotation speed switch direction at full speed, When the frequency rises to between 51.5-52Hz, it indicates that the highest speed has been reached. At this time, all indicators show that the machine is in good operation and debugging is successful. In the process of operation to determine that there is no fault need to stop, first of all by the unit operator will be "speed up" knob slowly rotate to the idle direction, the unit slowly decline, to be restored to the manufacturer before the factory set the position, press the "emergency stop" button stop.


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