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Are you optimistic about wind power generation or conventional power generation?

Jun. 30, 2021

Wind power technology originated in Europe. Countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany have been developing and advocating wind power for more than 20 years. In recent years, major countries such as the United States and Canada have attached great importance to wind power construction, and have elevated the status of the world's wind power industry. With the development of the economy, China's energy and power supply are becoming increasingly tight, and the government and industry have paid more attention to and valued wind power construction than hydropower. The total amount of developable wind energy resources in the world is approximately twice the total human energy demand. The abundance and renewable nature of wind energy are the most attractive reasons. However, due to the current development of wind power technology, which restricts the development of the wind power industry, my country's current wind power output is less than 1% of my country's total power generation. Wind power has unlimited potential, and technology is the key.

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1. The contradiction between the super-bottom speed of the impeller and the economic speed of the generator causes the cost to increase.

The aerodynamic analysis of propeller blades shows that the larger the diameter of the impeller, in order to obtain effective circumferential thrust, the angle of attack of the blade must be correspondingly small, and reducing the angle of attack will result in an increase in the axial force during strong winds. , The structural bending moment increases accordingly. In addition, the linear velocity of the impeller is also limited. Increasing the linear velocity leads to increased friction loss and noise. These two factors restrict the upper limit of the speed, and the speed of the large impeller is therefore extremely low, about 30 rpm. This extremely low speed is far away from the economic speed of the generator. When directly connected to the shaft, the size, weight and cost of the generator will far exceed conventional ones.

The insertion loss of the multi-stage speed-increasing mechanism also reduces the efficiency of the unit, reducing the lower limit of the overall efficiency of the large-scale unit to a low level of about 26%, resulting in a serious waste of supporting resources.


2. The unit structure of one tower, one wheel and one motor is the key issue to increase the cost of kilowatts.

As we all know, the kilowatt cost of a power generation system is negatively related to the power of a single unit. It is this consensus that became the basis of the technological concepts that led to the aforementioned three contradictions. The effort to increase the power of a single unit is basically due to the consideration of the cost characteristics of the generator. As a result, the cost of energy-collecting components such as the impeller and the tower has been greatly increased, and the efficiency has also been reduced a lot. After paying these costs, it can still only achieve the megawatt level, which is still an order of magnitude away from the level that motor manufacturing technology can achieve, and it is insurmountable.

There is no doubt that the high cost of kilowatts is a key constraint affecting the development of the wind power industry. The fundamental reason for the high cost lies in the always-used unit system of one tower, one wheel and one motor, and problems such as axial force, bending moment, and low speed are even more restrictive. It can be seen that in order to fundamentally reduce the cost of wind power construction, the only way out will be to explore new technical roads and solutions.

In summary, Starlight believes that the difficulty and high cost of wind power generation are important factors restricting the application of wind power. Conventional diesel and gas power generation methods will still occupy a dominant position for a period of time.


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