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Control System of Automatic Generator Set

Jan. 02, 2020

What is the description of control system of automatic generator set?


The control system is an advanced electronic control system, which installs on generator set to control and monitor its operation and output.


Different control systems are provided according to the needs of several different generator sets. They includes SmartGen control panel HGM6110 series, HGM6300 series and HGM6400 series automatic start up system. If a special control system is installed due to special needs, an independent information document will be attached.


The diesel generator control panel provides generator control switch to monitor its operation and output. Or in an emergency events, for example the generator set will shut down automatically if there is low oil pressure or high coolant temperature. Any series is matched according to the requirements of the generator set. The output circuit switch of the alternator automatically turns off the load to protect the output when the circuit is suddenly overloaded or short circuited.


How to identify the models of control system?

Every control system has a main control panel, there are controller models on the main controller panel. Refer to the following picture. 

 SmartGen controller

Before starting the generator set, the operator shall be familiar with the instruments and control elements on the control panel. When the units operating, the operator must frequently observe and stare at the display screen of the instrument or main controller. This will detect abnormal readings and prevent problems. 

If some additional devices are on the control panel, the control panel may be slightly different from the typical drawing. The following description will explain the function of each device on the control panel (there may be only some parts on different models of the device):

1. AC voltmeter. 

The voltmeter shows the output AC voltage of the alternator.

2. AC voltmeter switch. 

It provides the operator with the voltage to select the phase to phase or one phase to zero line, and the off position is used for zero adjustment when the machine is running.

3. AC ammeter. 

The ammeter shows the alternating current being delivered, which depends on the load. The off position can adjust the zero position when the machine is turned on. The ammeter can be used to measure the current of each phase. If the ammeter has no reading during the operation of the generator set, the ammeter switch may be in off position.

4. Frequency meter. 

The frequency meter is used to display the frequency of the generator output. When the diesel engine maintains a relatively stable speed under the control of the regulator, the normal output frequency shall be 50Hz or 60Hz (full load of the generator set). If there is only part load, the frequency may be slightly higher than normal, which is determined by the degree of governor drop. In fact, the frequency shall be 52Hz or 62Hz when there is no load. When the load is connected, the frequency will decrease. When the load is full, it shall be 50Hz and 60Hz.

5. Run-time meter. 

A meter indicating the total operating hours of the diesel generator set.

6. Diesel engine water temperature gauge. 

It is a thermometer connected to a sensor in the engine to monitor the temperature of the engine coolant. The normal operating temperature shall be close to 85 ℃ (185F), different models of diesel engine, its operating water temperature is different, which shall be subject to the diesel engine operation manual.

7. Diesel oil pressure gauge. 

It is an instrument used to monitor the oil pressure of the generator. It works from the moment the diesel engine starts.

8. Indicator light. 

When the indicator light is on, it indicates that the protection circuit has sensed the situation to be indicated, the red light indicates that the system will stop, and the green light indicates the power output.

9. The control switch has an emergency stop switch and a power switch.

10. Accessories and upgrades of control system.

A large number of different accessories can be installed on the control system to meet some special requirements of the unit. They need to have a continuous supply of 220-240V mains power, usually without a switch to avoid inadvertently turning off the charger.


What is floating charger?

The battery is to maintain the start-up voltage. It is okay even if the genset do not run for a long time. The max. charging current of the charger is 10AMP, the charger is automatically disconnected when the diesel generator set system is started. After the diesel engine is started, the battery is charged by the charger driven by the diesel engine. The charger is optional for the user.

Yuchai generator set

About is the description of control system of automatic generator set. Hope it is helpful to you. Starlight Power has own factory in Jiangsu province, China, which founded in 1974. Starlight Power supplies diesel generator set, covering Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Ricardo, Wuxi etc. If you are interested, welcome to contact us by sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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