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Composition Of Fuel Cycle And Transmission System

Dec. 13, 2021

As an important part of the internal combustion engine, the diesel generator fuel system directly affects the engine's power, economy and performance. Among them, the fuel injection pump is an important part of the entire system and the core of the fuel system. The fuel injection pump test bench is an indispensable key equipment in engine fuel injection pump testing.


The function of the fuel system of the diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench is to provide fuel with a certain pressure and temperature. The fuel process:

This is a fuel cycle: fuel tank→coarse filter→fine filter→fuel pump→.

1. Suction connector → cylinder.

2. Vacuum bonding.

3. Return to the fuel tank.

4. Regulating valve →

a. Pressure gauge (0~0.4Mpa).

b. Pressure gauge (0~4 MPa).

c. Oil temperature gauge (0-100℃).

d. Overheating → storage tank.

e. Return the oil to the tank.

f. Fuel supply connector (quick connector) → connect oil pipe → fuel injection pump to be tested → standard fuel injector → return fuel to the fuel tank.


 diesel generator

Metering device: used to measure the fuel supply of each cylinder of the fuel injection pump under test. It is composed of oil collecting tank, pillar, swing arm, standard fuel injector, oil measuring cylinder, automatic oil measuring cut-off device, etc.


The composition of the internal combustion engine drive system of the fuel injection pump test bench:


The transmission link of the power transmission system: the motor pulls the fuel pump with the help of the pulley to make the fuel system run. At the same time, the motor uses the gear coupling to pull the hydraulic oil pump in the hydraulic CVT to run, and deliver the hydraulic oil to the oil motor, so that the oil motor can run.


The speed control handle and the supercharger respectively adjust the oil flow in and out of the oil pump and the motor to change their respective speeds. The output shaft of the oil motor pulls the gear box, and finally the output shaft with the dial rotates, and the fuel injection pump under test is pulled by the steering gear to realize the detection of the fuel injection pump. There is a counting slot behind the dial, and the speed control sensor inputs the speed signal into the counter to display its speed.


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