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Components Of The Fuel System Of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 26, 2021

The electronically controlled diesel injection fuel system is a fuel supply device that uses a fuel injector to directly inject a certain amount of diesel into the cylinder or intake pipe under a constant pressure. The fuel system is an important part of the engine. Its function is to store fuel and deliver clean fuel that meets the requirements of use to the inlet of the fuel injection pump unimpeded, through the fuel supply system, it is sprayed in the most appropriate form and regularity at the most appropriate time. Into the combustion chamber.


Diesel generator set fuel system includes traditional carburetor diesel fuel system, electronically controlled diesel injection fuel system, diesel direct injection fuel system, traditional diesel system, electronically controlled diesel injection fuel system, etc.


The fuel system of a diesel generator set is the heart of a diesel engine. The layout of the fuel system has an important impact on the performance of the fuel system. A reasonable layout is equivalent to adding insurance to the system. It can easily pass national regulations and there is no hidden safety hazard. Diesel engine injection fuel system generally consists of three parts: high-pressure oil system, low-pressure oil system and speed control system.


Diesel generator set

1. The main components of the low-pressure oil system include fuel tanks, fuel filters, hand oil pumps, fuel pumps, low-pressure oil pipes, return pipes, oil-water separators, etc.


2. The high-pressure oil circuit system is mainly composed of high-pressure fuel injection pump assembly, high-pressure fuel pipe, fuel injector assembly and other components.


3. The speed governing system is mainly composed of a mechanical governor and an electronic governor. The speed regulation of the electronic control diesel engine is controlled by the electronic control unit, and no special speed regulation device is provided.


The above is an introduction to the working principle of the low-noise generator set shared by the professional diesel generator manufacturer-Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. I hope to help you.

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