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Common Tools for Diesel Generator Maintenance Hammer

Jul. 27, 2023

In the maintenance process of diesel generators, commonly used tools include wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and pullers. Skilled use of these tools will achieve twice the result with half the effort in diesel generator maintenance.

generator maintenance

Hand hammers are commonly known as hammers, and commonly used hand hammers can be divided into two types: one is a hard headed hand hammer, the hammer head is made of high-quality steel; The other is a soft headed hand hammer, the hammer head is made of hard aluminum, copper, rubber, raw cow hide, or hardwood.

The hammer can be divided into three parts: a hammer head, an inclined wedge, and a wooden handle. The specifications of hard headed hand hammers are usually divided based on the weight of their hammers. The commonly used specifications include 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg, 0.75 kg, 1 kg, 1.25 kg, and 1.5 kg. Soft headed hand hammers are mainly used to prevent workpieces from being damaged or roughened by steel hammers, such as loading and unloading mandrels, striking thin metal sheets, and polishing workpieces with protective layers.

The hammer handle is usually made of peach wood (other hardwoods can also be used instead) and is oval in shape. A smooth and comfortable handle has a suitable length equivalent to the length of the forearm, usually between 300 and 350 mma. When using a hammer, the hand should grip the part 1530 mm from the end of the hammer handle. When hammering, the force should be appropriate and the drop point should be accurate. When the hammer head plane strikes the working object, it should be parallel to the plane of the object being struck to avoid slipping and damaging the working object.

When using a hammer, the following points should be noted:

1. The hammer surface should be free of cracks, notches, and curls.

2. The hammer handle, hammer surface, and the palm of the operator shall be free of oil stains. Otherwise, when using a hammer, there is a risk that the hammer may slip off and fly out of the hand, causing injury to people and objects.

3. The wedge of the hammer handle should not be loose or fall off, otherwise the hammer head may fly out and injure people or objects during use

4. During operation, it is prohibited to wear gloves to prevent the hammer from slipping out of the hand.

5. The operator should choose an appropriate working position, prohibit two people from hammering against each other, and pay attention to the surrounding environment.

6. It is not allowed to use the hammer head as a pad iron, and it is prohibited to hammer and fire the workpiece.

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