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Common Faults Of Wear Of Piston Pin Seat Hole Of Diesel Generator

Aug. 21, 2023

The piston rod group is a vital component of the power generated by the internal combustion engine of the mobile generator. It is subjected to high temperatures during operation. High pressure and high-speed movement, due to the reciprocating movement, the degree of wear is also serious, and its normal wear speed is faster than that of the crankshaft. The wear rate of the cylinder and other components is fast, and the accident damage caused by improper use or poor maintenance quality makes the maintenance of the piston connecting rod group not only an inevitable project for major repairs, but also a routine work for minor repairs. Two common faults are the wear of the piston pin hole and piston skirt of the piston connecting rod group of the mobile generator.


1. The piston pin hole is worn.


(1) The wear of the piston pin hole is generally smaller than that of the piston ring groove, and the wear speed mostly depends on the roughness of the piston pin hole and its fit. Due to the action of air pressure and inertial force, the wear of the piston pin hole is not round, and the maximum wear occurs in the direction perpendicular to the top of the piston (that is, up and down the piston pin hole).


(2) As a result, the pin hole is loose, the pin is rattled, the pin is pulled out and the cylinder is damaged. In addition, the piston can cause cracks and scratches around it. If the above damage is found, it can no longer be used.


Cummins Power Generator

2. Piston skirt is worn.


(1) When the piston works normally, its skirt and the piston pin hole become the vertical working surface. Due to the lateral pressure, it directly rubs against the cylinder wall, and its surface has regular filamentous wear marks. In general, this wear does not affect the normal fit of the piston to the cylinder wall. During the operation of the piston, due to the equipped piston ring, the head seldom contacts the cylinder wall (the diameter of the head is generally smaller than that of the lower part, the difference is about 0.6~0.9mm). Although the skirt is in contact with the cylinder wall, the unit pressure is small, the lubrication condition is good, and the wear is small. Radial wear occurs on the piston due to the side pressure of the piston and connecting rod at high speed. Therefore, the availability of the piston depends on the increase of the clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall.


(2) Consequences of increasing the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall: metal knocking sound, aggravating the wear of the piston and the cylinder wall, air leakage, poor start-up, unstable speed and power reduction, increased fuel consumption and blue smoke from the exhaust.


Of course, the wear failure of the piston ring groove will also increase the side clearance and back clearance of the piston ring, increase the fuel consumption, and reduce the power. There is no detailed description here.


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