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Common Faults In The Fuel Tank Of Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 09, 2021

Fuel tank is an indispensable and important auxiliary equipment of diesel generator set. Its technology is relatively simple, but users should not ignore it, because once the fuel tank fails, it will affect the normal use of diesel generator set to a certain extent. Users should pay special attention to the following common causes of fuel tank failure:

1. The functional design of the fuel tank of the diesel generator set is imperfect, for example, there is no oil spill or drain valve.

2. The fuel tank of the diesel generator set has not been treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust. After a period of time, the rust is serious.

3. The fuel tank capacity indicator of diesel generator set is not clear enough.

4. The matching valves are not fully standardized, and there are many water heating devices to replace them, and the effect is not ideal.

5. Unreasonable design capacity, etc.


When it is found that the generator set has the above hidden troubles, measures must be taken in time to avoid substantial malfunction of the diesel generator set, so as not to delay the normal operation of the generator set.


1. It should be noted that the fuel tank of the spare diesel generator set is made of stainless steel or steel. Do not paint or galvanize the inside of the fuel tank, because they will chemically react with the diesel and produce impurities that may cause damage to the diesel generator set and reduce the quality of the diesel, cleanliness and combustion efficiency.


2. The storage location of the fuel tank of the diesel generator set must be safe to prevent fire. The fuel tank or barrel should be placed in a visible place separately, properly away from the diesel generator set, and smoking is strictly prohibited.


3. After the fuel tank of the diesel generator set is placed, the oil level should not be 2.5 meters higher than the base of the diesel generator set. The oil delivery pressure is not more than 2.5 meters. Even when the diesel generator set is closed, the fuel is not allowed to flow into the diesel engine through the fuel inlet pipe or the fuel injection pipe by gravity.


diesel generator set

4. The resistance at the oil port is not allowed to exceed the value specified on the performance data sheet of all diesel generator sets when using a clean filter element. This resistance value is based on half the fuel in the fuel tank.


5. The position of the fuel supply pipe end of the fuel tank should be about 50mm higher than the bottom of the fuel tank of the diesel generator set to prevent sediment and water from being sucked into the fuel supply pipe.


6. The oil supply and oil return area of the diesel generator set should be provided with perforated partitions to reduce the heat exchange of the diesel generator set.


7. The connection of the fuel return pipeline should not cause shock waves in the fuel pipeline of the diesel generator set.


8. The fuel capacity in the fuel tank of the diesel generator set should ensure the daily supply.


For the normal operation of the diesel generator set, it is necessary to ensure that all components can work normally, otherwise the normal power output will be affected, and serious mechanical damage may be caused. Therefore, even if it is a fuel tank with simple technology, the user must pay attention to the correct use.


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