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Common Fault of Diesel Generator Speed Measurement Protection System

Jul. 26, 2023

The distance between the diesel generator sensor and the flywheel is too far or too close. Generally, the distance is about 2.5+0.3mm. If the distance is too far, it may not sense the signal, and if it is too close, it may wear out the working surface of the sensor. As the flywheel will move radially (or axially) during high-speed operation, the close distance poses a great threat to the safety of diesel generator sensors. It was once found that the working surface of several probes has been scratched. Based on practical experience, this distance is generally around 2mm and can be measured with a feeler gauge.

standby genset

Due to the vibration of the mounting bracket of the diesel generator sensor, the measured signal is inaccurate, and the alternating magnetic field produces irregular changes, causing the fluctuation of the speed indication. Treatment method: Strengthen the bracket and weld it to the diesel engine body.

The oil thrown out by the flywheel is stuck on the working surface of the diesel generator sensor, which has a certain impact on the measurement results. If an oil proof cover is installed on the flywheel, it can achieve good results.

The fault of the speed transmitter causes unstable output signals, causing fluctuations or even no speed indication in the speed indicator. Moreover, due to its unstable operation and poor contact of the terminal, it can trigger electrical overspeed protection malfunction. For this, a frequency generator can be used to input frequency signals to calibrate the speed transmitter and tighten the terminals. Due to the fact that the speed transmitter is controlled by a PLC microcomputer, it can be readjusted or replaced if necessary.

Diesel generator sensor failure. After measuring the distance, turn on the turning machine and observe the red LED on the sensor. When the flywheel teeth pass through, its brightness will significantly increase. Alternatively, if the turning machine is not turned on, use a metal object to approach or move away from the sensor and observe whether the brightness of the red LED has changed. If the brightness does not change or does not emit light at all, the sensor may be damaged and needs to be replaced. The CMR524 system reported a "governor failure" during startup, mostly due to sensor failure.

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