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Cleaning Method For Exhaust Gas Turbocharger Of Diesel Generator

Dec. 01, 2021

Due to the high rotor speed of the exhaust turbocharger of diesel generators and the high precision of components, when using and maintaining the turbocharger, you should be familiar with the structural characteristics of the turbocharger, and master its disassembly, cleaning, inspection and assembly processes.


The cleaning method of diesel generator exhaust turbocharger is as follows:


1. It is not allowed to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean all parts.


2. Immerse the carbon deposits and sediments in the cleaning agent into the parts to soften them. In this process, the thicker carbon deposits on the sidewalls of the turbine end must be completely removed.


3. Only use plastic scrapers or bristle brushes to clean or remove dirt on aluminum and copper parts.


4. If steam impact cleaning is performed, the journal and other bearing surfaces should be protected.


5. Use compressed air to clean the lubricating oil pipeline.


Starlight Power reminds you that all parts of the diesel generator exhaust gas turbocharger cannot be cleaned before the appearance inspection, so as to analyze the cause of the damage.


Inspection of the main components of the exhaust gas turbocharger of diesel generator and steam turbine:


1. The floating bearing is used to observe the wear of the end face and the inner and outer surfaces of the floating ring. Generally speaking, after the operation of Changshuo, the lead-tin layer on the inner and outer surfaces still exists, the outer surface wears more than the inner surface, and there are slight wear marks on the end of the oil tank, which is normal. The grooves drawn on the working surface of the floating ring are caused by the cleaning of lubricating oil. If the surface scratches are serious or the wear limit is exceeded by the measurement, it is recommended to replace the floating ring.


2. Observe whether there are traces and carbon deposits on the back side of the compressor impeller and the surface near the rear of the turbine impeller. If the float bearing 16 has a lot of wear and the bearing hole surface is damaged, you need to grind the inner hole with a corresponding abrasive tool, or gently wipe the inner hole with a metallographic sand skin to remove the copper and lead substances on the surface of the hole. Traces can only be used after passing the test, and the reasons for the above-mentioned adverse reactions should be analyzed.


diesel generator

3. The rotor shaft of the turbine is located on the rotor working journal and touches its working surface with your fingertips. There should be no obvious grooves, observe the carbon deposits at the end seal ring groove of the steam turbine and the wear on the side walls of the ring groove, observe whether there are bends, edges, and blade tips caused by friction at the inlet and the edge of the steam turbine blade Curling burrs, whether there are dents on the turbine blade surface.


4. Compressor impeller check whether there is friction between the back of the impeller and the top of the blade, check the bending and fracture of the blade, check whether there are cracks on the edge of the inlet and outlet of the blade and whether it is scratched by foreign objects.


4. Volute and compressor shell 1. Check whether the arc part of each shell collides or is rubbed by foreign objects. Pay attention to observe the degree of oil deposits on the surface of each flow channel, and analyze the reasons for the above-mentioned undesirable phenomena.


5. Elastic sealing ring 9 Check the wear and carbon deposit on both sides of the sealing ring. When measuring the thickness and free state of the ring, the opening gap should not be less than 2mm. If it is less than 2mm, the wear and carbon deposit on both sides of the sealing ring should be replaced.


7. The thrust piece and thrust bearing should not have obvious grooves felt by the fingers on the working surface. At the same time, check whether the thrust bearing oil inlet is blocked, and measure the axial thickness of each part to meet the specified size range. When there are obvious signs of wear on the working surface of the propeller, but the wear limit is not exceeded, the other unweared surface of the two push plates can be loaded as the working surface during reassembly.


The elastic sealing ring seat hole of the compressor end sealing plate and the middle shell at the turbine end, check the wear of the cylinder liner and the seat hole.


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