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Classification The Generator Sets by Appearance

Aug. 21, 2023

For the majority of unit users, the generator sets that they come into contact with the most may be various brand generator set. In practical applications, the usage environment, climate, and some special occasions have put forward special requirements for the generator sets, resulting in some relatively unique appearance generator sets. So, if we classify generator sets based on their appearance and structure, what are the special classifications?

standby genset

1. Basic genset

The basic type unit is the most commonly seen generator set in daily life, which can be a manual unit or a self starting unit with micro Yang control automation.

2. Silent genset

The essential difference between a silent type unit and a basic type unit is that the unit is equipped with an external sound insulation cover and a silencer installed to reduce the noise of the unit. This type of unit is suitable for special occasions with low noise, such as schools, hospitals, and office locations.

3. Trailer genset (mobile power station)

Usually, the trailer unit (mobile power station) is equipped with a trailer card on top of the silent unit, achieving portable movement of the unit and suitable for short distance emergency power supply within the city.

4. Vehicle mounted genset

The onboard unit is a unit designed and manufactured specifically for long-distance emergency power supply, which installs the entire basic unit in the car compartment, usually requiring noise reduction and silencing treatment.

5. Container (shelter) type genset

The container type unit is a unit that installs the entire basic unit inside a container and is designed and manufactured specifically for power supply in field engineering construction. The unit power is generally above 500KW.

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