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Charging Method of Diesel Generator Starting Battery

Aug. 19, 2023

The battery is an extremely important starting component of the diesel generator, and its effect is to perform the electric starting of the diesel engine, control the fuel system of the unit and the real-time starting work or stop of the automation (ATS). Assuming that it cannot supply power normally, it will have a serious impact on the operation of the diesel generator. It can also be said that the starting battery is a necessary condition to ensure the successful start of each diesel generator.

Shangchai diesel generator set

Then, when using a diesel generator to start the battery, how should it be charged and how to perform normal maintenance? Next, the professional generator set manufacturer-diesel generator manufacturer will make a brief analysis of the above problems for you.

Let's first understand the problem with the charger. The correct charging method is very important, it is the basic condition to ensure the battery life. Dingbo power generation equipment hereby recommends that the original charger should be used as much as possible, because the charger is matched with the equipped battery. Its compensation current, charging maximum voltage and conversion current, floating charging voltage, floating charging current, etc. are all confirmed in advance, and the parameters of other chargers may be different, resulting in mismatch with the charged battery, which not only affects the charging effect, but also It will also affect the battery life.

Let's talk about the charging environment. It is very important to choose a suitable charging environment. A certain amount of heat often occurs during the battery charging process, so it is recommended to choose an open and ventilated place when charging the battery, and it is forbidden to cover the charger with foreign objects during charging, otherwise it will easily damage the charger and the battery, and even cause a fire accident. In addition, prevent the charger from being immersed in water or rain.

Also pay attention to the length and frequency of charging time. When using batteries, it is necessary to develop the habit of charging frequently to ensure that the battery power is kept at full capacity at all times. Also do not turn the battery upside down while charging. A battery with enough power, if it is not used for a long time, should be compensated once a month.

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