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Causes of Volvo Generator Set Fuel Injection Nozzle Burning

Nov. 30, 2021

Nowadays, Volvo generator sets are applied in more and more fields, and the importance also increased. We all know that fuel injectors are one of the main equipment of Volvo generator sets. After a period of use, he generator set sometimes suffers from melting failure. Next, Starlight Power Generation Equipment briefly analyzes the cause of the burning of the fuel injectors of the Volvo generator set to help you quickly solve the problem and ensure the normal operation of the unit.

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1. Long time idling operation

When the Volvo generator set diesel engine is idling for a long time, due to the low temperature in the cylinder and insufficient fuel combustion, it is easy to form carbon deposits on the combustion chamber and the fuel injection nozzle, which will deteriorate the working conditions of the fuel injection nozzle. Especially in the winter cold weather conditions are more serious. Due to the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber, the heat dissipation is slow, and in severe cases, the nozzle hole of the fuel injection nozzle is blocked or the oil drips. If the fuel stays in the nozzle head for a long time and burns, the local high temperature will cause the nozzle and the heat insulation sheath to melt.

2. The injection time is too late

If the fuel injection advance angle is too small, the fuel injection time will be too late and the fuel combustion situation will deteriorate. If it is not adjusted for a long time, the local high temperature will cause the fuel injection nozzle and the thermal insulation sheath to melt.

3. The fuel is not clean

The small particles of impurities in the fuel will wear the needle valve and the needle valve body at the fuel injection nozzle, and the needle valve will get stuck in the needle valve body in severe cases. The needle valve is stuck lagging behind, and the fuel cannot be injected into the combustion chamber in a timely, quantitative, and rapid manner, and the phenomenon of oil dripping or fuel injection will occur. As a result, the fuel atomization is not good, the burning speed is reduced, and the burning time at the fuel injection nozzle is prolonged, which eventually causes the fuel injection nozzle and the thermal insulation sheath to melt. At the same time this type of failure occurs, the diesel engine will emit black smoke and shake.

4. Improper assembly

If the heat-insulating sheath of the fuel injector is installed without being cleaned, there is a gap between the nozzle head and the heat-insulating sheath, so that gas enters the gap, which reduces the heat insulation and heat dissipation effect, and the fuel injector and the heat-insulating sheath burn . If the thermal insulation sheath is installed too tightly, additional stress will be generated in the fuel injector. Under the combined action of the thermal alternating load and the high pressure load of the fuel injection, the nozzle head will be broken, the needle valve will be stuck and the oil will drip. In addition, if the heat insulation jacket is omitted during maintenance, and the fuel injection nozzle extends into the combustion chamber more than 4mm below the cylinder head, the heat absorbed by the fuel injection nozzle will increase and the fuel injection nozzle will melt.

5. Improper use

If the Volvo generator set lacks coolant during operation, the combustion chamber will not be well cooled and cause high temperature, which is also an important reason for the fuel injection nozzle to melt.

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