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Causes Of Failures And Maintenance Methods Of Cummins Generator Sets

Dec. 09, 2021

During the use of Cummins generator sets, there will be uneven rotation speed. So what are the reasons that cause this phenomenon in Cummins generator sets?


1. The oil supply is uneven. When the Cummins generator set is running, the cylinders with more fuel supply work strongly and there is a knocking sound, while the cylinders with less fuel supply work weakly or even do not work.


2. The diesel oil supply system contains air and moisture and the oil pump is not working properly.


3. If the fuel supply time is too early, it is easy to tell "traveling cars", but it is stable at low speeds.


4. The fuel injection pump oil volume adjustment gear rod or fork pull rod is wet, causing the sensitivity of the governor to decrease.


5. The fuel injection nozzle burns to death or drips oil.


6. Wrong valve clearance.


Cummins generator.

Due to abnormal conditions, the maintenance of Cummins generators has always been a problem that users are concerned about. Here is an introduction.


1. Check the oil of the Cummins generator. The oil level should be between the high and low oil level lines. If it is lower than the oil level line, it should be compensated. The oil grade is shell No. 40. After the inspection, press the oil dipstick.


2. Check the cooling water of the Cummins generator. The water level should be about 5 cm below the water tank filling port. Generally, you can see it by unscrewing the water tank cover. Tighten the water tank cover after finishing.


3. Open the diesel tank valve by the Cummins generator.


4. Check the air switch of the Cummins generator, the handle should be in the "0FF" position, and the switch on the panel of the electric control box should be in the "0FF" position.


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