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Causes Of Difficulty In Starting Diesel Generators

Oct. 27, 2021

Due to insufficient starting speed, insufficient compression pressure, insufficient fuel injection into the diesel engine cylinder, and improper fuel injection timing in advance or delay, the diesel generator set cannot be started or is difficult to start. In this article, a professional diesel generator manufacturer-Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will analyze the causes of abnormal start-up of diesel generators.


Reason one: The starting does not move or the starting speed is insufficient (requires starting speed 150-190 minutes).

1. Insufficient battery power indicates that the battery proportion does not meet the requirements, there is voltage but no power, and the voltage drop is too large.


2. It is the defect of the starter itself.


3. The battery cable is corroded or the cable is too long, resulting in high resistance and low current.


4. The lubricant is too thick to meet the requirements of use.


5. The resistance of the insulated or ground circuit is too large.


6. The oil pressure or water temperature alarm line falls off and causes a false alarm to stop, or the equipment cannot be started, but the solenoid valve on the top of the hand can make the machine start but not stop.


7. The solenoid valve itself is faulty and the oil circuit cannot be opened, but the solenoid valve can be manually opened for temporary use.


8. The PT pump gear rotating shaft is broken (the phenomenon is caused by the absence of oil at the solenoid valve outlet).


9. Some lines of the generator set are disconnected or have high fire risk, and the control circuit has no electricity.


diesel generator set

Reason two: The compression pressure of the diesel generator set is insufficient.

1. Cylinder liner and piston ring wear (requires overhaul).


2. The intake valve is worn or the valve clearance is large. The reasons are:

(1) Insufficient fuel injection in the cylinders of diesel generator sets.

(2) The fuel filter is blocked.

(3) Oil circuit ventilation.

(4) The spraying time is too early or too late.


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